The Legend of Kai: Infiltration (3)

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Infiltration (3)

Molby clutches his head in pain because of a terrible hangover.

Yesterday he went to the brothel he usually frequent to have drink and have some fun. He invited several of the girls he favor to join and serve him drinks. Though maybe because he had drank too much his memory of the event is fuzzy. What ever case, he returned home as usual to rest but once morning comes, he was attacked by a severe headache.

Molby wanted to skip work because he is not feeling too well but he knew that he'll be in trouble if he did so. As such, while grumbling he went to work. Hence, the current scene.


The door was unceremoniously kicked open by someone, startling Molby to attack as he thought he is being attacked by an assassin. But upon seeing the person who did it, Molby calmed down.

"So it's you, Greg. Could you not kick the door whenever you come here? How many time do you think I had it replaced this couple of months?" Molby complained to the man named Greg.

"Hmph! Forget the damn door! What the hell are you doing bringing an unknown person here without my permission!?" The man named Greg, ignores Molby's complains and started admonishing him.

Molby wanted to refute but the severe headache from his hangover prevented him from doing so. Seeing molby clutching his head in pain, Greg snorted once more and begin to admonish him, this time for drinking too much.

"Ugh! Enough! You're not helping!" Molby complained.

"And whose fault is that!" Greg replied.

The two men stared dagger with one another but stopped once the headache attacked Molby again.

"Tsk! Go see a healer already! How are you gonna work if you're like that? Also, give me a briefing of that guy, the organization doesn't like it when unknown people enter the premise."

Greg left after saying those words and Molby see him off with a wave of his hands.

Molby followed Greg's advise and visits a healer. After getting his hangover removed, he felt much better and returned to his office. Inside the office he saw a person waiting for him. Molby went inside, close the door and went down on one knee.

"Master...," Molby greeted the person.

The person simply nodded his head and then spoke. "It seems that I am being suspected," the person started.

The person in question is the mysterious man who enters the Dark Guild's main headquarter earlier. The man is none other than Kai in disguise. Thanks to a mind control drug, he was able to control an important official of the Dark Guild. Right now, Molby is no different from a puppet that will do every one of Kai's bidding. Of course, Molby still have his consciousness but he could not go against Kai and his orders. The efficacy of the drug is so terrifying that Kai swear that he will not use it unless necessary. Fortunately, the method of refining the said drug is already lost and only because of the System store that Kai manages to get his hand on the said drug.

Anyway. Since Molby is now under his control, Kai manages to enter the headquarter with relative ease. But the Dark Guild is the Dark Guild after all and soon as he arrived with Molby, some people begin to investigate him. For this reason, his movements have been very limited.

Nonetheless, this is just a small setback and Kai would be able to handle it given a little time. For now he just needed to dispell the initial suspicion. Molby should be able to handle it. For now too, he wanted to get his hands on some documents on the inner workings of the guild. The method that the Dark Guild used to hide its tracks for so many years is ingenious.

The main headquarter is disguised as the headquarter of the sand country of Lubiin's largest trading firm, Kazzan. Very few people knew of the firm's true identity as the Dark Guild even among the countries rulers. Due to this reason, the Dark Guild manages to hide for so long. Of course to do this they used all everything available regradless of methods. As such they manages to establish themselves firmly in this country. The firm is so important that bringing it down would greatly affect the country's economy if carelessly brought down.

Kai had alreadu thought og several plans to do this. The best among those methods is to remove the current leaders and officials and replace it with his own people. But first he must know of their identities and locations.

Somehow his plan to infiltrate the Dark Guild and destroy it from the inside had changed into controlling the organization. Kai could only smile wryly at this as things became more complicated.

Of course Kai could still continue with his original plan and destroy the organization if he ignores his conscience. But the after effect would be huge and many would lose their lives in the process--it might even destroy the country of Lubbin if he's not careful. And that is something that Kai would not do.

"I guess thi is the best option but... it sure is troublesome!"

Kai complain inside his mind and gave Molby a set of orders. He has no choice but to make the Dark Guild his....

To be continued...


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