The Legend of Kai: The Dark Forest (1)

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The Dark Forest (1)

*Mysterious creature's POV

What the hell?!

What the hell is that monster?!

There's no way something like that is human!

What should I do?

Nothing works on it.

Mental attacks.


Not even my unique skill works!

At this rate that monster will reach master!

I can't allow it.

No matter what!

I ran and ran while leading that person to the traps I prepared beforehand. I don't think the traps would work on him but I hope that the traps would at least slow it down--giving me more time to think of a countermeasure...

Master. Please don't worry, I'll stop him even if it cost me my life!

I ran and ran and ran. Right now I could only run.

*Kai's POV

What ever that is, it seems to possessed intellect. I've been attack again and again.

How troublesome. Though the attacks were ineffective, they are getting annoying. Worse still, there are traps everywhere. It's obvious from its actions that it is trying to stop me from going deeper.

Seriously, what's hiding within this forest's deep? I'm really curious. Fortunately, I have the system map and it's automatically mapping the places I have been to. So there's no chance for me to get lost even if there are wards that would prevent me from using Gate or Teleport.

Hm? The traps are getting more deadly and complicated.

I see.

That thing is leading me to places where the traps are numerous.


Let see what more you have store for me, elusive one.

I quickly avoided the spike trap that came out of nowhere. That's quite dangerous--it's useless though since it can't hit me...

Somehow I feel like I'm a hunter tracking his prey. Quite the interesting feeling if I say so myself.

What's that System? I'm enjoying this a bit too much?

You think that mysterious creature is about to cry out of frustration?

Hm... you've got a point there. I should end this quickly. Anyway, I already have enough information on me. The mysterious creature I am chasing is Lvl 80 or so. An A-class so to speak. It has powerful skills and magic and can even use mental attack. An ordinary A-class wouldn't be able to defeat it if it attack in the shadows.

Basically, it's quite strong for it's rank but... it's no match for me. Therefore, this is checkmate.

*Mysterious creature's POV

Damn it!

This is bad. This is really bad!

That monster seems to have gotten serious! Did I annoyed it too much?

No good! Where in different class! There's no way for me to win!

Am I going to die here?

But, but... if I die, who is going to take care of master?

Master is seriously wounded and can barely move.

No! I cannot die! master needed me!

I have no choice. I'll us "that"! Even though master forbid me from using "that", there's no way to win unless I give it my all!

Please forgive me, master.

After getting my resolve, I started removing the seals from my body while running. But before I could remove the three remaining seal, I came face to face with the person that had been chasing me.

H,how? How could he suddenly appear in front of me?

I panicked and tries to remove the three remaining seals. But the mysterious person would not allow it.


How could someone be so fast?

That's the only question on my mind before my consciousness slips away.

*Kai's POV

That was close. The mysterious creature suddenly started doing something dangerous. It's body started glowing after some mysterious patterns are erased from its body.

Seals Perhaps?

I don't know what would happen if I allow it to completely remove from its body. But I know that things would become more complicated and dangerous. Therefore, I grew more serious and uses one of my movement skill << Light Steps >>, Light Steps allows me to move at extreme speed for a short time. With Light Steps help, I appeared In front of the mysterious creature. I could see the surprise in its eyes but I ignore it and attack it using the blunt side of my sword--knocking it unconscious.

With that done, the game of tag between us is finally over. I look at the creature with curiosity. It is covered in gray cloak so I could not see it's real appearance. Therefore, I decided to remove its cloak and see how the mysterious creature look like. But as I was about to do remove its cloak I sense a powerful presence quickly approaching.

To be continued...


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