The Legend of Kai: Boss Fight (3)

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Boss Fight (3)

The Iron Golem fought valiantly but still fell to the group's strength and teamwork.

Kai congratulated the rest of the party for a work well done but inside he is feeling a bit disappointed because no member of Hydra interfered in the battle with the boss.

"I guess that isn't enough to make those guys come out from hiding..."

Knowing that they failed to lure out the enemy, Kai urges the group to go to the next level. Using the stair that appeared after defeating the boss, the group went to down to the next level.

The monsters that they faced on that floor was stronger than the last floor but not strong enough to halt the groups advancement.

After a while, the group reached one of the labyrinth's safe zone, a place inside a dungeon or labyrinth that for some reason is being avoided by monsters.

"Let's rest here for a while. We needed to be in full strength if we wanted to defeat the next boss without casualties."

The rest of the party agreed with Kai and sat down. Since they are on a safe zone, they need not worry about attacks from monsters but that doesn't mean that they are truly safe so the group remained vigilant.

Seeing this, Kai nod in satisfaction, he then took out food from his inventory. The food that Kai took out are not the types that adventurer would take when exploring like rations and dried food, instead, Kai took out delicious looking food that won't look out of place in any banquet.

Everyone's eyes lit up after seeing the food, they never expect that their young looking leader can pull out so may food despite the fact that an << Item Box >> could only carry a limited amount of items. They figured that Kai have a secret but none of them say anything about it. After all, everyone have their secrets.

Kai distributed the food to the rest of the party, he even took out a bottle of his famous wine, though he only allowed everyone to drink a cup each as they are still inside a labyrinth and being drunk won't help their situation.

Despite this the bottle of wine still caused an uproar--Talban especially looked at the remaining wine with greed. As one would expectr from a wine-loving dwarf.

"This is amazing, party leader. How did you manage to get this wine? From what I know, Fenrir's Brew are extremely difficult to acquire, to think that you manages to get a bottle!"

Talban praises Kai after drinking the wine. Fenrir's Brew is the name of the wine made by Kai's Fenrir. Due to its excellent taste, and quality, is sought after by wine lover everywhere. Unfortunately, very few bottles are distributed monthly, as such, only lucky few have the pleasure of drinking it.

Honestly, aside from Kai and Kuran, none of them manages to drink the elusive wine before this.

"I got lucky. Also, I will give everyone here a bottle of Fenrir's Brew once this quest is completed as bonus from the client," Kai answered with a smile.


Hearing that they would receive a bottle of the elusive wine after completing the quest, the party could not help but be excited.

"Of course!" Kai assured everyone that he is telling the truth, making the others more excited.

Why this is happening, the head of Fenrir watching this scene could not help but be annoyed by the nonchalant of Kai's group. Here they are plotting the fall of this mysterious party but this group of monstrously strong adventurer are treating the whole ordeal as some sort of picnic. Hence, they promise to themselves that they would make this group's lives horrible...

To be continued...


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