The Legend of Kai: Dragon Subjugation Quest (2/?)

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Dragon Subjugation Quest (2/?)

"A dragon?"

Lily's eyes widened after hearing of the quest aaked by the guild

"So the guild want to subjugate and they wanted yours and Shiro's help? Did I hear it right?" Kara followed with her own question.

"That's too dangerous..." Mia said, worried.

"It should be okay. I'll just be assisting, and Shiro's job is to keep it occupied. With Shiro's speed it should be simple," Kai explained wanting to ease the girls' worries.


"If the dragon is not subjugated it might attack the city. When that happened more people would get hurt. Besides the guildmaster would not ask for my help if he has no confidence in me."

Kai put his left hand atop Lily's hand to comfort her, causing the girl to blush profusedly and making the atmosphere awkward.

"Here's your pizza and fried chicken!"

A cheery voice shattered the awkward atmosphere. Arriving at the table, Sasha put a tray of pizza and a basket of delicious smelling fried chicken.

"Hmm... that smell nice!" Kai commented as he sniffed the fried chickens.

"He-he-he~! We followed your instructions and the result is surprisingly good. Have a taste!" Sasha urged.


Kai took a fried chicken and took a bite, causing a crunching sound. His eyes lit up after tasting the dish.

"Not bad! Considering this is the first time your dad cooked it, the taste is pretty good!" Kai praised.

"But of course! Mum and dad are great cook after all," Sasha said proudly. "Well, it's actually because of the recipe~."

Sasha smiled sheepishly while scratching the back of her head.

"So this is called fried chicken? Let me have a taste."

Kara took a piece, followed by the curious Lily and Mia.

crunch! crunch! crunch!



"How tasty!"

The girls eyes lit up as they eat the fried chicken with gusto.

"It must be really tasty if they're enjoying it like that..." Sasha looked with envy.

Kai passed a fried chicken to Sasha, and said, "you should have a taste too."

"Thanks Kai~!"

Sasha took the fried chicken and took a bite. Like Lily and the others, Sasha's eyes lit up with delight.

"Hey Sasha! Is that a new dish? Give a plate of that too!" asked an adventurer that could no longer take the tantalizing smell of the fried chicken.

"A moment please~!"

Sasha ran towards the adventurer and his group to take their orders.

"This will taste better with a cold mug of beer," Kai murmured between chewing.

"What's a beer?" asked the nearby Lily.

"It's a type of alcohol from my hometown," Kai answered.

"Does it taste better than what we're having now?" Kara chimed in her own question.

"The two can't even be compared. I mean, most food I tasted here taste good even without spices, yet the alcohols tasted horrible..." Kai exasperatedly answered.

"Really? It tasted okay to us though," Lily looked at Kai in confusion.

"Trust me, you won't be saying that after tasting the alcohols I'll make," declared Kai.

"Oh? You know how to brew alcohol?" Kara asked impressed.

"Yeah, it's a hobby of mine. I'll give you some after brewing it. Then you'll understand that this "wines" are not fit to call wine," Kai answered confidently.

"Hoh~ Then we'll look forward to it," Lily said with a smile.

"Give me some too," Mia requested.

"Sure. Just wait for it, it won't take too long."

The next day.

Kai finally meet the members of the subjugation team. The team consisted of A-class adventurers and a number if B-class adventurers.

"As expected, the members are all strong," thought Kai as he scanned the adventurers present.

"This is Kai, he will be joining you all for the subjugation quest," the guildmaster announces.

"He's the beast tamer right? I've heard of him." The burly looking adventurer with scar on his left cheek approaches Kai and introduced himself, "I'm Stahn, nice to meet you, rookie."

"Pleasure to meet you too, Stahn, my name is Kai."

Kai politely greets the Stahn and then greets the other adventurers who approaches to introduced themselves.

"Kai, Stahn is the captain of the subjugation group, just follow his order and you'll be fine."

"Everyone here should alredy be aware that Kai, owned an A-rank hurricane wolf. But if you think that Kai is weak without it then you'll for a nasty surprised. Though he's young he could easily match any B-class adventurer, so don't treat him like a weakling, understood?"

The guildmaster looked at the adventurers with a grin. He explained Kai's strenght to avoid any misunderstanding. Though surprised by the guildmaster's words, they did not doubt what he said. If the guildmaster claimed that this new and young adventurer is strong then it is most likely true. As such the way they looked at him changed.

"Bwa-ha-ha-ha! I guess we don't need to protect you then. Well, this is for the best. Make sure you don't get yourself killed out there."

A dwarf with bushy beard called Hal, give Kai several pats on the back while heartily laughing.

"I don't think I needed to explain the content of the quest right? It's very straight forward, go to the Misty forest and subjugate that earth dragon!" Guildmaster Guido gave a speech before telling everyone to move.

The adventurers left the guild and slowly marched towards the Misty forest. The group reached the forest after several hours of walking.

Kai looked at the forest in front of them. Like the name suggest, the misty forest was covered in fogs. According to the locals, the forest is perpetually covered in fogs and was never seen without it.

"We will camp here for the day. Tomorrow after the sun rises we will look for the earth dragon. Scouts, carefully search the surrounding and make sure there's no danger nearby." Stanh gave his orders and everyone started moving.


Kai summoned Shiro and a bluish wolf appeared before everyone.

"So that's Shiro."

Stanh approaches Kai and stared admiringly at Shiro. Despite being in his small form, the adventurers nearby can feel the palpitating pressure from the hurricane wolf. They can tell thst none of them is a match for it in a one on one fight.

"Shiro have keen sense of smell and hearing. I plan to have it scout around for danger. Also with Shiro's present no weaker monster will dare appoach the vicinity." Kai explained the reason he summoned Shiro.

"That'll be very helpful." Stanh reply with approaval.

And so Shiro joined the scouts as they patrol the area while the others pitched camp. Before long the sun falls and everyone gathered for dinner. But unbeknownst to them a figure hidden in the mist watches them...

To be continued...


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