The Legend of Kai: The Demon King's Awakening

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The Demon King's Awakening

Outskirt of Ark, inside the earth dragon's old lair.

Thump, thump, thump!

Inside a poorly lit chamber, heartbeats could be heard inside a cocoon-like thing. Several shadowy figures could be seen surrounding the "cocoon".

"Our king is about to awaken!" One of the figures proclaimed.

Thump, thump, thump, THUMP!!!

The shadowy figures grew more excited as the heart-like beating became louder. Their long wait is finally over, and their beloved king is about to awaken.

Before long...


A loud tearing sound could be heard inside the chamber as the "cocoon" was being torn open!



A figure emerges from the "cocoon" and lets out an earth-shattering roar!

"Hail to the king!"





The figure that emerges from the "cocoon" smiled, satisfied by its subject's loyalty. It raises its right hand and everyone stopped yelling--patiently waiting for their king's command.

"How many years has it been? I cannot remember. But, I do remember the hatred and the humiliation that I felt before I was killed by the hero. Though this is but a memory from my predecessor, the hatred is real. Now that I am once again reborn, I will plunge this world in darkness and despair!" The figure declared.

"Glory to the demon king!"

"Death to those who oppose us!"





Yes, the figure that emerges from the "cocoon" is none other than the demon king itself! One of the vilest and terrifying creatures in this world's history had awakened and none of this world's inhabitant is aware of it--except for one person that is...

City of Adventurer, Ark.

[A persona of terrifying power has entered the realm. Processing information... complete. Accessing database... complete. Host, the data tells me that the demon king had awakened.]

The sudden notification greatly surprises Kai who is currently enchanting several gears and quickly asked.

"what did you just say, System?"

[The demon king had awakened.] The System answered.


Hearing the System's reply, Kai was momentarily silenced, seconds later he opened a Gate that leads to the outskirt of the earth dragon's old territory. Upon arrival, he saw that the place is still covered by thick miasma. He dare not venture inside as he is alone and is not confident to face the demon king and its army of monsters. But Kai need not venture as he could now see what is inside the miasma thanks to the All-seeing Eyes skill he bought from the system shop not long ago.

The All-seeing Eyes skill is a broken ability that can see through any barrier, tangible and intangible. The skill is so broken that he can even take a glimpse into the abyss, and can see a bit of the future. But because its a broken skill (cheat), the SP needed to purchase it was absurd--a whopping 15,000,000 SP! As such Kai was not able to afford it before, and only thanks to the System quest and converting tons of Exp for SP was he able to afford it.

Still, the purchase was worth it and Kai can now look through the miasma and the darkness of the lair. His All-seeing Eyes quickly targeted the figure possessing the most terrifying power inside the lair.

"...So that's the demon king. How terrifying its power is..."

After examining the demon king and its subordinates, Kai did not linger for long and quickly returned to Ark using the Gate.

Inside the lair.


The demon king suddenly stopped talking to the confusion of its subordinates.

"What's wrong my king> Did something happened?" A large humanoid monster asked.

"It's nothing."

The demon king frowned, unsure whether the sensation he felt earlier was just the demon king's imagination. Putting the strange sensation aside, the demon king faced its subordinates and gave its order.

"The nearest city here is called, Ark. And its the city that will become our stepping stone in dominating this world!"

The monsters roared after hearing their king's declaration--excited for the incoming battle, or in their eyes, trampling.

To be continued...


Previous Chapters





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