The Legend of Kai: Side Story (Rudra's POV 2)

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Side Story: Rudra's POV (2)

The secretary Lena led me to the guild. Upon entry, I was greeted by the sight of adventurers and employees from various races. Everyone is doing their things, though they seemed to be an air of unease that lingers. It's most likely because of the war against the monster army.

The people inside the guild stopped whatever they are doing and stared at me with interest. I sigh at this. I guess my kind have kept to ourselves a bit too much. A mere sight of a dragonoid is enough to get everyone's attention.

The adventurers started whispering to one another after I passed by. Of course with my enhanced hearing, I could easily hear their conversations.

"A dragonoid? How rare!" exclaimed a certain male dwarf.

"She's beautiful. She probably has elven blood in her," praised a male elf.

"Bah! Just because she's beautiful that doesn't mean she has elven blood in her, you narcissistic elf!" the male dwarf argued.

"It's common sense that only by combining elven blood can there be such beauty!" argued the male elf.

"Then what about Kai? The kid's a human but he could put you elves to shame!" smugly replied the dwarf.

"Geh! I admit that's true but Kai's an exemption!" the male elf flinched.

"Hey, that's enough you too. Why don't you two get along?" a young lady with cat ears scolded the two.

"It's his fault!"

"It's his fault!"

I listened to their conversation with amusement. As always the dwarves and elves don't seem to get along that much. Though I got a feeling that they are friends? What a mystery...

Also, that person named Kai was mentioned again. He seemed to be quite famous. Now I'm curious and wanted to meet him.

Not long after I arrived at the guild master's office. Miss Lena opened the door and invite me inside. Inside the room, the guild master welcomed me warmly and invite me to sit down.

"You must be lady Rudra. I'm Guido the guild master of this adventurer branch. Pleasant meeting you," the guild master greeted.

"I'm pleased to meet you too, guild master Guido. I believed you are aware for the reason of my visit, yes?" I returned the greeting and went straight to business.

"Of course. The earth dragon, correct? The big guy's ready and can be transported any time," he answered.

"That's good. How is its condition by the way?" I asked after drinking the tea that Lena served.

"No problem. At first, it is very wary of us but after a few days, it started warming up. Unfortunately, it cannot speak our language and cannot tell us why it left its territory," answered the guild master.

"Don't worry we will take care of it and we'll give the proper compensation for everyone's effort," was my reply.

"That is good then."

After completing my duty, I started conversing with the guild master concerning other issues like the war with the monsters. The conversation turned serious and we talked about it in details. But as we are conversing a guild employee entered and told the guild master that an adventurer named Kai wanted to meet him.

"Kai? Could it be that person I've been hearing a lot?" I thought to myself.

"He's back? Perfect timing! Tell him to come here, Lucy."

The guild master gave his instruction and looked at me. he then said, "Kai played a big part in the subjugation of the earth dragon. Thanks to his help both the adventurers and the earth dragon was relatively unharmed."

"Oh? Then I will have to give my thanks personally. Actually, his name has been mentioned many times already and I've grown curious about him, so the timing could not have been more perfect," I answered.

"Good! You won't be disappointed."

A few minutes later, the door opened and Lena enters followed by a young man with red hair that is as red as blood.

The young man has perfect features that even surpasses the elves in terms of looks. But what really caught my attention is those eyes full of confidence and the vicissitude of life. Kai is obviously young yet somehow he those eyes does not have the naive ignorance nor the haughtiness that someone of his status and age should have. It is as if he had experienced what life has to offer. Truly strange.

Giving him another look, I made a discovery that shocked me. His mana. Kai possessed mana that can even match that of a great dragon! Something that human should not possess! This discovery made my interest grew but it also made me warier..

"Treating him like a regular person would be a great mistake..." I thought as I made the decision to treat him with caution.

The guild master introduced Kai to me and saw the surprised in his eyes after knowing my status. After inviting him to take a sit, Kai proceeds to tell us the reason for his return. According to him, he is more than halfway done with the quest the guild asked him to do to the guild master's great surprise.

But after knowing the content of the quest, I too understand the reason for his surprise. Indeed, he is no ordinary person. To think that he was able to accomplish so much in a span of a week. To survey and create a map of a territory is by no means easy feat yet he was able to do it with such a short timespan.

And when I thought the surprise have ended, Kai let out another bombshell. He actually investigated the reason for the earth dragon's exodus! what's more, the result of the investigation was alarming.


That's right, miasma.

According to Kai, the earth dragon's territory is covered in the miasma. What's more surprising is that he actually dare enter the miasma to investigate!

Is he crazy? Does he not know how dangerous the miasma is? It could not only corrode the body but the soul as well!

Hearing his story, I scolded Kai for being reckless. But his reply left me dumbfounded.

Abnormal status resistance!

It seemed that Kai knew exactly how dangerous the miasma is but still decided to enter it not because he is careless rather because he has resistance to abnormal statuses, including corrosion resistance!

What an absurd person he is!

But Kai is not done yet. According to him the reason he stopped the investigation is that he feels unprecedented danger the nearer he is to the lair. He told us that going further is no different from suicide.

His words left us silent. If what he said is true then we have a bigger problem in our hands. A problem that might concern the entire continent. A such I decided to cut my trip short and report everything to the elder council.

I left instruction to the guild master and after saying goodbye to both of them, quickly left Ark.


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