The Legend of Kai: The War Begins!

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The War Begins!

Ark, Malkal Kingdom

Kai quickly arrives at the guild using short distant teleportation, and quickly enters the guild hall. He nods at the receptionist, indicating that he would be seeing the guild master. Without anyone stopping him, Kai walks towards the guild master office where he saw the secretary Lena. Noticing Kai's solemn expression, Lena realized that something must have happened and quickly opened the door for him.

"Are you certain?"

The guild master was greatly startled after hearing Kai's report, therefore, he asked Kai for its validity.

"I saw it myself. They're most likely gonna attack very soon," Kai answered.

Guild master Guido stayed silent for a while, then with a sigh he spoked.

"So it finally comes to this... how troublesome," he said.

Lena, who is listening on the sideline looked at the two worriedly. Being the guild master's secretary, she is very aware of the whole event and knows the seriousness of the situation. But being a regular woman without much fighting capability, she could not offer much help in the matter.

"We need to quickly report this to the Alliance. Can I have your help on this?"

Having decided that the best course of action was to quickly report the information to the allied kingdoms, guild master Guido asked Kai for help, mainly referring to a certain magic tool that can deliver messages instantly. The said magic tool is similar to a telegraph machine that uses codes to deliver the message. No, rather, it is a telegraph machine but is magic-based instead.

The most common way of delivering messages in the continent is through carrier birds and horses. But such a way of delivering message takes far too much time and could easily be intercepted. Among the skill-based ways of delivering messages, Telepathy is the most popular but due to the rarity of the said skill and its short range, its uses are fairly limited. Hence, the moment Kai introduced the magic tool "Telegraph", it became an instant hit and has received large orders from the kingdoms near and far. Unfortunately, due to the lack of time, Kai was only able to build four relay stations for the Telegraph to be useable. And for the ones that he cannot reach using the telegraph, Kai needed to deliver the messages personally using Gate.

"Please leave it to me. I'll make sure that everyone's informed," Kai replied/

Having received Kai's promise, the guild master feels that a huge weight was lifted from his chest.

After meeting the guild master Kai used the Gate and teleported to the Den, where his teammates and friends are waiting. Kai explained everything to the girls and ordered Ozma to deliver the messages using Telegraph, he also informed them that he will be very busy as he needed to personally deliver the messages to places that the Telegraph cannot reach.

Kai quickly decided that he will be going to the Dragonia, the country of dragons as it is the farthest and if they wanted to defeat the demon king, the dragon clan's help is indispensable. In this past months, Kai had been traveling to a lot of places in order to put the mark needed to use his Gate spell. Due to the limitation of the spell, Kai could only go to places he had visited before, therefore, Kai had been very busy.

Kai appeared at a plain outside the city of Drakon, Dragonia's capital. Looking at the sky, he saw dragons' flying to and fro.

"So many dragons. It really is the city of dragons," said Kai, quite impressed.

"Too bad I have no time play around. I'm sure I'll see lots of interesting things in this place."

Feeling regretful that he cannot enjoy the place, Kai uses Telepathy to contact Rudra. Fortunately, Rudra is inside the city and he was able to contact him without much trouble.

Not long after he saw a beautiful, female dragonoid, flying at his direction--it was Rudra, looking a bit flustered, probably from hurrying over.

"So it is you, sir Kai. I apologized for making you wait," Rudra started with an apology.

Kai smiled and replied that he didn't wait for too long. He then told her the reason for his visit and refuses Rudra's invitation to stay for a bit as he is in a hurry.

Rudra was disappointed that Kai cannot stay but understands that he must quickly inform the Alliance of the demon king's awakening.

"When this is over I would like to properly tour the city. By that time I hope you could show me around," Kai said.

Rudra smiles sweetly.

"It'll be my honor!" She said.

After saying, his goodbye, Kai used Gate and quickly teleported to his next destinations.

Rudra watched as Kai disappeared, and with a sigh, quickly flew towards the city--she needed to quickly pass the information to the dragon council.

With Kai personally delivering the information, all members of the alliance were finally informed and with the help of the Gates Kai sets beforehand, the Allied army was quickly teleported to the plain where they will be facing the demon king's army.

The speed of which the army was deployed is beyond the demon king's expectations. Now that the continent's army was deployed, the demon king's plan to mount a sneak attack on Ark failed--annoying the demon king greatly. But with the enemy's army on the door, the demon king was left with no choice but to quickly deploy the monster army and face his enemies. Fortunately for the demon king, there has been no sign of the Hero's awakening, giving the demon king lots of leeways to cause death and destruction.

Now with two huge armies about to face each other, the continent, no the world will see one of its biggest battles in a thousand years!

To be continued...


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