The Legend of Kai: Intermission (1)

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Intermission (1)

Lily's POV

Seemed like luck finally shined on me. I managed to land a big deal. After months of negotiation I was able to convince a well known mage to sell several high level potions. I know being a female merchant, the said mage doesn't trust my ability to sell his potions at a premium. But I proved him wrong. And with the help of my best friends Kara and Mia, I traveled from city to city and raise my merchant level to 5, no, it's almost 6 now.


This deal could be the biggest deal that I will close since I started traversing the path of a merchant. And I'm determined to make this deal a resounding success!

I have two days before the potions are delivered to me. And I must make all necessary preparations. First I must hire a team of adventurers. It'll be good if I could at least hire several B-class to protect me and the merchandise. Of course Kara and Mia will come along, they always do.

Darn it! All B-class are tackling some missions. How could I be so unlucky? The guild's receptionist said that only one group is available at the time frame I gave. But they are just C-class, worst still they are all men. Ugh... no choice I guess. I couldn't possibly endanger mine and my friends lives because of some bias. Traveling with just the three of us is of course a no go...

These guys are no good. They keep on flirting with us. Disgusting! Do we looked like easy girls to them? I think I'm starting to regret hiring them. That Brando guy is the worst of the bunch. Geh! What is he doing? He actually dare to pat Mia's shoulder! Does he have a death wish?

Mia's almost running out of patient. Oh no, she's about to unsheath her sword!

Luckily, Kara's fast and managed to stop her. Great save there Kara!

Looks like Mia's outburst scared the guys, and are now behaving themselves. Wew! I hopefully they won't cause too much trouble for us in the coming days...

After a week of traveling we are able to reach the labyrinth city of Babel. I should be able to sell the potions at a good price.

Babel sure is lively, so many adventurers and merchants are leaving and entering. With such large traffic of people I will surely earn big. I just need to practice my sale pitch...

The potions are selling like pancakes! Yay, good job me!

Kara's POV

Cowards! I couldn't believed that those adventurers are running with their tails behind their legs. Do they expect us to hold the goblins so they could escape? Aren't they supposed to be brave adventurers that faced a group of orcs and lived to tell the tale? Then why are they running away when facing goblins!

I swear if I survive this, I'll send them all to hell!

Oh no, Lily's hit by an arrow in the shoulder. I rammed a goblin with my shield and protect Lily from the incoming goblins.

Lily looked terrible, her face looked really pale. I know that she's in a lot of pain right now but I mustn't carelessly remove the arrow.

I faced several goblins while protecting Lily. Lily seemed to be losing hope. I can't blame her. We are facing more than 50 goblins after all.

Then I looked at Mia facing the largest goblin in the group, a goblin champion...

Mia's POV

The adventurers that Lily hired ran away after seeing the number of goblins that ambushed us. Damn them!

I eyed the goblins that are slowly approaching us. I know that they saw us nothing more than prey. But if they think that we are easy prey, they have another thing coming...


Not good Lily's hit by an arrow, fortunately Kara's nearby and protected her from the goblins. But at this rate...

I wanted to assist them but I'm facing the goblin champion right now and couldn't afford to lose concentration. A goblin champion is B-class monster after all.

Hm? Oh no, Kara's in danger!

Damn it. I shouldn't taken my eyes on the goblin champion. I saw a large club about to hit me. I won't make it!

I tried to depend using my sword but it's futile. The shattered my sword and send me crashing to the wagon.


So painful. I've never felt such a pain before. I'm sure that attack broke several of my ribs. Lily and Kara struggled to protect me. But with Lily wounded, Kara have to take all of the pressure.

Sorry guys...

Lily is losing all hope. She even wanted to use the poison. I can't blame her, death is a much better option than being caught alive by goblins. Everyone knows what fate awaited to the the girls caught by goblins. I never thought that we would have to face a situation that leave us no choice but to kill ourselves.

Atleast we would still be friends in the afterlife...

Something unexpected happened. Just as we are losing hope and is about to use the poison someone arrived to save us!

At first we only saw a huge wolflike monster dropping from the sky. Yes. A monster dropped from the sky!

Several unlucky goblins were crushed to meaty pulps after failing to dodge wolf monster. Not that they could, mind you. I'm sure no one expected to suddenly see a huge object falling from the sky, and definitely not a monster.

The huge wolf monster didn't stop after making its landing. Instead it started swiping and biting. A goblin die everytime the wolf monster swipe its huge claw or bite with its massive maw. Quite a sight indeed.

Then we saw a person jumped off the monster's back and joined the fray. It's a young man that looked younger than us. Using a sword the young man faced off against several goblins at the same time. He was so skilled that I could only see blur and shadows when he attacked.

The goblins are like children to him and fall dead one after another. He then faced the goblin champion and the two battled. No. It's not even a battle, more like a slaughter instead!

He treated the goblin champion like how he would treat a regular goblin, easily overpowering it. And with a powerful slash, cut the goblin champion in half!

I saw the goblins panicking after their champion's death. Unfortunately for them the young man have no intention of letting them go. Soon after all the goblins are slained. None escaped.

The young man then quickly walked towards us. Now that we are safe we can finally take a good look at our saviour. And what we saw stunned us. A beautiful young man with red hair and green eyes. His hair is the color of blood but burn like fire. And he has the most beautiful green eyes I have ever seen. I even question if a god took pity on us and descended from heaven to save...

The young man introduced himself.

He's name is... Kai.

To be continued...


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