The Legend of Kai: Visiting Melrac's Capital (4)

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Visiting Melrac's Capital (4)

  • Princes Elizabeth's POV

So that's him...

My "fiance" finally decides to visit us.

Earlier a messenger from a certain hotel arrived with a letter addressed directly to father. Such a letter would usually be handled by my father's pages but this time its different.

Why different, you say?

That's because the sender of the letter is someone my father had been waiting for a while now--someon very important to the point that the king of the kingdom would personally go to his location.

Honestly, I've only heard rumors about this person. I know not of his appearance aside from sketches made by artist. And even that is not too accurate.

I've heard of his exploits and accomplishments to the point that I'm already sick of hearing them.

Of course that also fuel my curiosity about the man. Not to mention he is someone my father prepared to be my other half...

The rumors about him made him like he is no longer mortal. That's how exaggerated the rumor about him is. Or at least, that's what I think.

A young man who manages to climb to his current position through sheer efforts and talents. A man possessing beauty that would not lose to that of the elves. A warrior possessing enough strength to stop the demon king's invasion--the hero of Melrac...

See? Does he not sound like someone from a fairytale? There's now way such a person would exist in real life. At least, that's how it is supposed to be. But now, I'm no longer sure...

After seeing him in person, I was able to confirm that at least one of the rumor is true. That is his looks.

Hair red as fire. Eyes as green and as mysterious as the Mysterious Woods. And let's not talk about that perfect face of his.

Won't lose to an elf? Are you kidding me? It's obvious that he surpasses even the elves!

Now I'm really curious. Could the other rumors about him true? Is this young man's other achievements not just an exaggeration?

I turn my eyes to the person besides me--my younger brother. Just like me he also thinks that the rumor about sir Kai were exaggerated. A boasting of a man seeking fame.

I wonder does he still thinks the same? Or is he doubting his own assumption, just like me?

My younger brother, the crown prince August is the man that is expected to seat on the throne after father. He too is an excellent young man that possessed both charm and talents. He is someone who have received father and the officials' recognition. But father never praises August the same way he praises sir Kai.

Maybe because of that that August developed quite the inferiority complex for sir Kai...

I'm quite certain that father did not plan for that to happen. Father most likely praises sir Kai in front of August to develop a sense of rivalry--to urge August to strive harder. That certainly happened as August considered sir Kai his greatest rival.

Unfortunately, the more August heard the rumor about sir Kai, the greater his inferiority complex grew.

I'm not sure what meeting the person in question would do to his confidence as a person and as a man...

I was introduced to sir Kai as expected. I got to admit seeing him in person made me nervous despite my many preparations.

He is quite polite and possessed etiquette that would not lose to any nobles. I noticed that he always looked at the person eyes when speaking to them--making him rather trustworthy.

Also his voice possessed quite the charm. It's very relaxing and nice to listen to. How should I say it, he is a good speaker that would help his conversation partner feel relaxed.

At first, I though he would be like the nobles I've meet before--boastful and over-confident. But I was wrong. Like I've mentioned earlier, he is very polite and does not boast of his accomplishments. He never mentioned any of them while conversing with us and would only answer when asked about it. He does not over-exaggerate his accomplishments like nobles of same age.

I'm not sure if this is his true character or he's just that good at camouflaging himself. At the very least, I, father, mother, little sister, and even August have good impression of him.

After dinner, father invited him to the leisure room, where with the exceptions of the servants who takes care of the place, only members of the royal family are allowed. In there he took out a large number of items from his << Magic Storage >>, surprising us.

Why are we surprise? That's because a Magic Storage have limited space and could only store a small number of items. But sir Kai's Magic Storage is at least 10x of that!

Seeing our surprise, sir Kai smiled and explained that his Magic Storage is rather special and could store a great number of items. He told us that it is a secret and asked us not to tell anyone about it.

Milly, that is my little sister looked at sir Kai with shining eyes--looking very impressed. Even August is giving him an admiring look!

I don't know how he did it but to make even August, the person who considered him a great rival, admire him like that is really surprising. Though I don't know how he did it, I do feel happy that August seemed to have gotten over his inferiority complex after meeting him today--truly a mysterious phenomenon.

The gifts he brought are many and very interesting. There are the tens of bottles of wine that made father eyes glow like a child. According to sir Kai, the wine is something he brewed himself as his ways of passing time. The wine uses methods that only he knows, and that he is very confident with the taste. From father's reaction we can all tell that the wines are truly extraordinary. But aside from the wines, there are also silken fabric that we've never seen before. Sir Kai explained that the fabrics are exported from the eastern continent and only by using a certain route is he able to procure them. The fabrics are colorful and very beautiful, mother, Milly and I were fascinated by them.

There are also perfumes with very refreshing scent and jewelries with delicate designs. And sir Kai explained that they are all from the eastern continent. Of course there are also something for the men. Among the gifts are two armors with enchantments. The armors are made using very rare materials like dragon leathers and mythril! What's more they are personally enchanted by sir Kai himself, which after hearing the effects made father very happy. Though not very knowlegeable about armors and such, I could atleast tell that they are extremely valuable and powerful. To put it in perpective, August and father explained that those two armors are already at the ranks of national treasures!

What, what's with that? Doesn't that already far surpasses the level of a gift?

I'm aware that even when negotiating with another country, taking out something like a national tresure-class items almost never happened! An si Kai just brought out two of them as gifts...

Just how wealthy is this person? And what's the purpose of giving those items as gifts? Somehow I could not help but be suspicious...

To be continued...


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