The Legend of Kai: Dragon Subjugation Quest (3/?)

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Dragon Subjugation Quest (3/?)

The scouts and Shiro patrol the surrounding several times to make sure that no monsters or wild beast linger the vicinity of the camp. After that, the scouts returned to the camp for rest. Seeing the vigilance that the adventurers are showing, Kai nodded to himself.

"There probably won't be an ambush... but just in case..."

Kai ordered the System to do a full scan of the surrounding, and only after several scans was he satisfied. He then joined Stahn and the others at the camp's fire.

"Stahn, do you have any idea why an earth dragon would hide in this place? From what I know, dragons hated to live in places any settlements nearby." an adventurer called Cole asked.

Stahn touched his beard before answering, "I'm not really sure myself but according to the adventurers who first saw it, it seemed to be enraged and attacked them the moment it saw them as if it crazed."


"That sounded really dangerous..."


"Do we have enough force or manpower to subdue it?"

"Crazed or not, it's only one dragon. And though it's an A-class monster, we have the numbers, not to mention we have an A-class monster of our own, " said Anya, a female elf.

The adventurers looked at Kai and nodded. Though a wolf type monster is weaker than a dragon type, Shiro is still an A-class. not to mention that a hurricane wolf is known for its speed while an earth dragon is a lot slower. Seeing their expectant faces, Kai smiled wryly and promised to do his best.

After conversing some more, the adventurers decided to call it a day and sleep. To avoid any surprises, several adventurers are tasked to guard the camp. And to make sure that everyone gets to rest, guarding will be done in rotation.

Kai volunteered to be on the first batch of guards, he will use the time as a guard to buy necessary things in the System shop. He let Mana Sense activated to make sure that nothing escapes his guard while he is shopping.

Several hours later, someone replaced him as guard and Kai took the opportunity to rest.

"The earth dragon could be found here. There are no monsters nearby, it seemed that the presence of an A-class earth dragon terrified them."Kai pointed at a certain spot in the newly drawn map of the Misty forest.

Hearing Kai's explanation Stahn and the adventurers looked at him with blank expressions on their faces.

"How did you know about that? No, wait, where did you get the map of the Misty forest? I don't think there's a map of it sold anywhere..." Stahn finally asked after looking at Kai in disbelief.

"Oh? I drew the map with Shiro's help." Kai answered.

"...With Shiro's help?"

The adventurers looked at the sky while imagining Shiro using a quill with its paws to draw the map of the forest.

"That's not how it goes! Shiro did not draw the map!" Kai yelled at the adventurers after noticing their reactions.

"I might have phrased it wrong. What I meant by Shiro helping me is that I got the information about the forest through Shiro. You see, Shiro and I have a mental connection and using a skill unique to us, I could see what Shiro sees. As such, I was able to map out the Misty forest." Kai explained, hoping that the others would not think of "weird" scenarios.

"I-Is that so...?"


The adventurers embarrassingly laughed and scratched the back of their heads. Admittingly their reactions and imaginations delve into the weird category.

"Ahem! Still, that's a very useful ability. With that map, we could avoid any detours and go straight to the earth dragon." Stahn cleared his throat to hide his embarrassment while praising Kai's ability at the same time.

"Thanks. But Shiro deserved most of the credits, I only draw what he sees." Kai answered.

"Nonsense! Your Shiro's master and you deserved as much credit as Shiro." Stahn replied with a laugh.

Everyone agreed with Stahn and started praising Kai and Shiro. They haven't even faced the earth dragon yet but Kai and Shiro have already shown their worth, making the other adventurers, especially those who have doubts about Kai's ability to feel embarrassed.

"To prevent the earth dragon from escaping we should split into several groups and post some of them here, here, and here." Kai pointed at several locations on the map that could serve as ambushed spot when the dragon tries to escape.

"I'm in agreement. Let's do as you say," Stahn nodded.

With everything set and ready, Stahn separates the subjugation party into four groups. Three groups are sent to the spots where they expected the earth dragon to escape. As for the main subjugation group, they headed straight to the earth dragon's location.

"We should be arriving soon. Everyone, please get ready." Kai warned after noticing that they are almost at the earth dragon's nest.

Stahn and the adventurers nodded and ready their weapons. Before long they saw an earth-colored giant lizard staring at them menacingly.

"Formation!" Stahn barked his order and the adventurers formed formations.

Shield warriors go to the front while archers and magicians are protected at the back. Another group of shield warriors surrounded Kai to prevent him from harm while he commands Shiro.

Kai did not mind the setup as he understands the purpose of the formation. He knew that his main job is to control Shiro as it faces the earth dragon while the adventurers' rain attacks at the earth dragon in all direction.

And so Kai first dragon subjugation mission started as they faced the towering earth dragon.

To be continued...


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