The Legend of Kai: The Dark Guild (1)

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The Dark Guild (1)

Lily and the others welcomed Yukina and the party as part of Fenrir. Thanks to that the awkwardness from meeting new people from the first time quickly vanishes--well, almost. Ruuka being Ruuka, still struggles from fit in. Thankfully, my friends are understanding people and knew that not everyone would open themselves quickly to others. Though I believe he'll open up sooner or later.

Anyways, after officially integrating Yukina and the others, I reported to everyone that the demon king cannot be found in the eastern continent. Therefore, I will go the northern or the southern continent but that's for a later date. Instead, I asked them--specifically if there has been strange movements in the western continent.

Ozma reported all the information he gathered from our spies. i seems that in my absent a lot happened. For example a civil war is currently raging at the Principality of Condorr. Also, a new labyrinth is discovered at the southern part of the continent. But what truly peeked my interest is the movement of the underground organization--the << Dark Guild >>.

The Dark Guild. An organization similar to the Adventurer's Guild but is an organization ran by the underworld. The Dark Guild takes job like kidnapping, assassination, slave trading--basically the illegal stuffs that the Adventurer's Guild would not dip their hands into.

Since it's an illegal organization the Dark Guild cannot operate on the openly and no government would welcome such an organization--at least on the surface.

It's an open secret that some aristocrats do employ the services of the Dark Guild, hence the guild's root is quite deep.

The Dark Guild does not have the long history of the Adventurer's Guild but their existence isn't new either. According to rumors, the Dark guild was established several decades after the Adventurer's Guild was established. Of course, these are just rumors and no one really knows how old the Dark Guild is.

The Adventurer's Guild and the Dark Guild doesn't normally go into conflict with one another. Certainly, there had been conflicts between the two mammoth organization but that's only during quest and missions. Basically, the two would just usually the other alone unless there is a request for it.

Which is why the Dark Guild's recent actions baffles me. According to Ozma, the Dark Guild has been kidnapping prominent and promising adventurer's. Such an action is not something the Adventurer's Guild could ignore. The Dark Guild is basically declaring war on the Adventurer's Guild for doing such a thing.

Why would the Dark Guild result to such action?

What are they planning to do with the adventurers they've kidnapped?

"Ozma, according to the report, some of our scouts went to blow with the member's of the Dark Guild, correct?" I asked Ozma.

"That is indeed the case, young master. While gathering information, our scouts spotted the members of the Dark Guild abducting adventurers. Since one of Fenrir's rule is not to ignore people's plea, the scouts went into action and tries to save the abducted adventurers. Fortunately, our scouts are often consisted of B to A-class mechanical puppets, the rescue attempt are mostly successful." Ozma explained.

I nodded after hearing Ozma's explanation. Even though I have no plan of getting into conflict with the Dark Guild, I'm also not afraid of them. Fenrir has several rules that it's members needed to follow and one of that rule is not to ignore people asking for help. So the mechanical puppets' actions is something I approved.

"Did the members of the Dark Guild realized who is acting against them?" I asked Ozma.

"There's a possibility but our scouts are always in disguise and it'll be extremely difficult to see through our disguises," Ozma answered.

"I see. It's doesn't matter even if they found out who's messing with their plans. Fenrir have enough power to go against the Dark Guild if needed. Ozma, please continue gathering information as usual."

Ozma answer in affirmative and after making sure that our new members are settled in, I open a Gate and went in.

My destination?

The Adventurer's Guild main branch.

To be continued...


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