The Legend of Kai:Visiting Melrac's Capital (5)

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Visiting Melrac's Capital (5)

The king introduced me to the members of the royal family. First, the queen of the country, Her Majesty, Queen Rosalia--a beautiful woman who despite already giving birth to three children still looks rather young. After the queen their is crown prince, August who is giving me an intense glare, or rather, a look of rivalry, which I found strange. Then there is the cute little princess (literally) whose aged seemed to be the same as Myuu. She like her sibling is looking at me with curiosity. I smiled at her thus making her blush. She seemed to be a shy girl. Lastly, I am introduced to my "fiancee", the princess Elizabeth--and as would one expect of a princess she's a beauty. Princess Elizabeth politely returned my greetings. She is very composed but I could tell that she's feeling nervous. Not surprising considering she is finally meeting the man who is supposed to be his future husband.

After the introduction I was invited to the leisure room where with some exceptions, only members of the royal family are allowed to enter. There I took the opportunity to know the members of the royal family much better. I could also tell that they are trying to know me better which works well with me. To my surprise the members of the royal family are not as stiffed as I would have expected which made me relax a lot. I even managed to somehow befriend the crown prince--making him open up himself for me a little. Of course, the little princess is the most open of all. She is even calling me big brother now! An hour later a maid entered the room, informing us that dinner is ready and I was taken to another room where the food are prepared. At first I though I would be taken to the dining room but it was some sort of private room instead.

The king probably thought that I would be uncomfortable if I ate with the ministers and the other officials. Honestly I am grateful for the king's consideration since it would indeed be very uncomfortable to have people watch you every movements. The food were great as one would expect from the foods made for royalties. Though not as tasty as the food at the Den, I was still able to enjoy myself.

Once dinner was over, we returned to the leisure room to continue our conversation. There I took out the gifts I prepared beforehand. At first they are surprised at the number of items I took out from my <>. It's easy to guess that they are surprised at the numbers of items I could bring out because an <> have very limited space yet I am taking out items after items.

To clear up the confusion, I told them that I have dimensional storage that allow me to store plenty of items at the same time. Hearing my explanation, they are greatly surprise--especially, August and Milly who are looking at me with shining eyes. Though I'm happy with their reaction I also felt embarrassed. So to cover my embarrassment I explained the gifts one by one.

Every one of them have different expression depending on the items I showed them. The lady's (including little girl) are more interested in the rare fabrics (silk), jewelries, and perfumes from the eastern continent. While the king is incredibly delighted after I took out a dozen bottles of my homebrew wine. As for the prince he looked at everything I take out with great interest. But what truly caught his attention is the two enchanted armors.

Actually, everyone except Milly were shocked when I took out the enchanted armors. It's obvious from a glance that they understand the value of those armors. According to the king himself, those armors are national treasure class!

I did not show much expression from hearing that but inside I was greatly shocked!

Really?! Are you saying that the armors I carelessly enchanted are already considered national treasures?

[I've already said this so many times. Please be more self-aware! Do you really think that enchanted armors are as common as cabbages? That you could just get them anywhere?]

The System scolded me for my thoughtlessness and I could only grunt inside my head in exasperation. I thought I have already made my gifts as normal (yeah right...) as I could but it seemed that I overdid it with the armors. I could only mentally scold myself and swear that I should be more careful.

To salvage the situation, I told everyone that enchanting those armors took a lots of time and effort and that I could not make them as I wish.

Fortunately, the king and his family accepted my excuse--I could even see the relief on the king's face even though he tried to hide it. He must be worried that it would change the balance of power on the continent too much and was glad that it was not the case.

I apologized to the king inside my head for my lie and swear (very seriously) that I would be more careful for my action.

After that short debacle, I was finally given some alone time with princess Elizabeth. Everyone understand that this is the true purpose of my visit. Well then, how should I start? There are things that I must clear up and explained.

Taking a deep sigh, I opened my mouth and...

To be continued...


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