The Legend Of Kai: The Strange Labyrinth (2)

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The Strange Labyrinth (2)

The bedraggled adventurers do not know who said that word but for some reason they could no help but obey. The five people quickly duck on the floor as instructed and then...


The adventurers felt a strong gust of wind passing over their heads and then silence.

Confused by the silence the five adventurers stared at one another in confusion and then collectively looked at the monsters.

What they saw shocked them--monsters, big and small lay dead on the ground! Some of the smaller monsters are without heads and the bigger ones are cut in half.

The five adventurers could not help but stared at this bloody scene in great shock.

"Are you guys okay?" The shocked adventurers recovered from their shock after hearing that voice. They quickly stood and looked at the direction where the voice is coming from.

Not far from them are six people from different races stood nonchalantly. These people consist of five males and one female. Three of the males are from the human race, one is a dragon, another male is a dwarf and the only female in the group is from the elven race.

"Who are you people?" Asked the middle-aged man--the leader of the party. He looked at this group of people with gratitude and shock. For this group to kill all of the monsters in one fell swoop--their strength are definitely extraordinary. At the very least, these six people are A-class in power!

"We are adventurers, just like you guys," a young man from the human race, not older than twenty answered with a calming smile.

The leader of the bedraggled party of adventurers realized that this is the same person who ordered them to duck earlier from the young man's voice. His years of being an adventurer tells him that this young man is most likely the leader of this powerful looking group of adventurers!

"I see. Thank you for saving. If you guys did not come, we probably died there and then," hearing that these group are also adventurers, the middle-aged man is relieved and thanked this mysterious group of adventurers. He is fully aware that without their help they would have died.

The young man simply smiled and said,"it's nothing," impressing the group further. "I have some questions for you guys but before that..."

The young man signaled the other people in his group and the remaining five drew their weapons. The bedraggled adventurers grow wary of their actions but relaxed quickly once they realized that they are not the target of their hostility.

The five mysterious adventurers quickly dispatched of the monsters that spawned out of nowhere with ease. One can tell that those monsters posed no threat to them.

"Can you guys tell me what happened?" The young man--the presumed leader of the group talked to the five bedraggled adventurers with a smile. The party of five snaps out of their reverie and the middle-aged man nods his head.

"We are investigating this labyrinth, can you tell me everything you know about this place?" The young man asked amicably. The five looked at one another as if confirming everyone's decision, they then collectively nodded their heads.

Hearing that they are willing to cooperate, the young man exclaimed "wonderful!" and asked the five to begin.

The five adventurers told what they knew about the strange labyrinth one by one. The young man on the other hand simply listened and nodded his head from time to time. After hearing everything that the adventurers knew about the labyrinth, the young man simply let an "I see", and proceed to contemplate.

"Thank you for telling me this information, it's a big help," the young man said after a few seconds. He then took out several potions from his << Item Box >> and gave them to the five.

"Take this potions. They're healing potions and you guys should be able to recover once you drink it," the young man said with a smile. The adventurers took the offered potions without reserve. After saying their thanks, the adventurers drank it without asking anything. The five never doubt the young man and didn't even question the potions.

Seeing this, the young man was impressed. Other people would be suspicious if they are offered food and drinks by a complete stranger but the five never doubt him at all and straightforwardly drank the potions.

The injuries on the bodies of the five adventurers quickly healed--not even scars remained. The five adventurers looked at each other with amazement. Regular healing potions isn't as effective as the potions they just consumed! Once could easily see that the potions they are given are extraordinary!

"Is this really okay? Giving us those potions?" The middle-aged man could not help but asked the young man that question--feeling slightly uncomfortable for receiving such precious items. But the young man simply smile and told him that it's okay. He also advised them to quickly leave the dungeon as something would happen very soon.

The middle-aged man was shock from hearing the young man's words and asked if they could help on anything. The young man thanked him on his offer and told them that the six of them should be enough to handle whatever the labyrinth would throw at them.

Knowing that their help is not needed and that they might just get on their way, the middle-aged man asked his party member to follow him outside after every one of the adventurers said their thanks.

The mysterious young man simply watched the group leave and looked at his party members. With a nod of his head, they followed him deeper into the labyrinth.

To be continued...


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