The Legend of Kai: The Serpent Show Its Tail

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The Serpent Show Its Tail (2)

I stood on a atop a cliff overlooking a dusty canyon. Below the said canyon is a large fortress-like building hiding withing the canyon walls.

"To think a building this large is hidden here..." I murmured as I look at the fortress in a distance.

The information about the said building is exactly the report that Lily delivered to me. According to the report a mysterious building in an uninhabited canyon was discovered by one of our mechanical puppet (Automaton) disguised as an adventurer. The said said automaton was following a suspicious individual and discovered the fortress-like building. The suspicious individual is actually a Hydra agent, and the said building might actually be one of their hidden bases.

The automaton, realizing that the place is too much for it to handle alone, quickly reported its discovery. And that report is finally reached my hands.

[You looked rather happy, host,] the System proclaimed after realizing my mood. [I believed it's not just because of the discovery of this place, correct?]

The System conjucture is correct. I'm happy that this place was discovered but I am more happy at the growth of our automatons. The automatons are supposed to be like mindless puppets that only knows how to follow orders. Yet now they are making improving and are making decisions depending on the outlook of the situation.

The growth of the automatons suggested that the upgrades Ozma and I made on them are finally showing their results. Not only are they stronger, the automatons are also smarter as they could make decisions beneficial to Fenrir and the Den.

[The automatons are indeed improving a lot. But do be careful as they might rebel if they become too smart,] the System reminded.

The System is probably referring to the movies and books about robots becoming to smart and rebelling against their masters. I wanted to say that the System is reading too far on this but it's not like I don't understand his concern.

Speaking of A.I's becoming too smart, isn't the System also in that category?

[Please, don't compare me to the A.I's made by mortals. The automatons and I are not even in the same category!] The System indignantly complained.

"Okay, okay, I got it! No need to be over sensitive about it!" I yelled inside my head.


The System simply replied with a snort and no longer spoke. I couldn't help but sigh at the System's overreaction to my statement. I didn't speak that he would be this sensitive--even acting like a kid.

I continue my observation of the building after that brief interlude with the System. Before long I was able to formulate a plan. After the event with the Elric and Felix (Hydra's former heads), I'm quite certain that the remaining heads are in high alert of the mysterious force that had annihilated two of their main bases. Therefor, brute-forcing my way in is no longer an option. If i'm not careful, I might lose my only clue at this moment.

My first course of action is to investigate the base without alerting anyone. I could decided to use the mind-control skills I used on the members of the Dark Guild. But I'm aware that I could only use them at the members of the lower echelon. Not because I could not use them on the upper echelons but rather only the lower echelon members are available right now.

"This should be fine for now. I mustn't rush this things and risk messing things up," I secretly declared as I chose my first target.

To be continued...


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