The Legend of Kai: The Hero (1)

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The Hero (1)

Rudra's POV

Things have gotten really complicated. How did it happen, I wonder? The tide of war shifted in favor of the allied army thanks to the secret maneuver of the of the secret force called the << Shadows >>. Unfortunately, that advantage did not last long as the shadows are soon discovered and most of its members slaughtered.

Worse still, the demon king finally mobilized his strongest force. The sudden appearance of the S-class and SS-Class monsters caused great devastation to our army. And even though our own S-class went to intercept, we are still pushed back. But the worse scenario happened at the 12th day of the war--the demon king himself stepped in.

And when we thought that it is over, the holy church finally showed its fangs. Unexpectedly, among the church's forces is none other than the hero! No, rather, it's the heroine. Yes, this era's hero is actually a woman!

When the news of the hero's appearance reached the ears of the soldiers, the moral that had fallen to its lowest point rose up again.

I guess this is the power of faith.

Now the biggest question is if the hero is strong enough to face the demon king. Honestly, I'm not too confident in her chance. But she's our only hope. If the hero falls here, then this war is as good as lost.

Anyway, I should really stop thinking of the hero and focus on the enemy in front of us. Right now we are fighting one of the demon king's general, a monster with a dragon's head and humanoid body called the << Drakull >>. It is said that the Drakull is somewhat related to us. And seeing that draconic head, I can see why. Actually compared to us Dragonoid with our humanoid figure we look less than a dragon and more like a human. Of course, we can transform into a real dragon, so there is that.

Still, I feel uncomfortable facing the Drakull because of its draconic heritage. Well, it is an enemy that we must face and defeat. Unfortunately, it's not going to be easy. It is an SS-class monster after all. And we only have three S-class on our team--among them is the old Dragonoid and my subordinate Orias. That old fellow. To think that he is actually S-class...

If we survive this, I'm going to give the old bastard a piece of my mind. If we survive that is...

Kai's POV

So the demon king finally acted. It's a bit quicker than I anticipated. Also, the hero finally showed herself, huh.... Not that I'm surprised. The << System >> has alerted me of her presence the moment she arrives. And in reality, I'm just waiting for her to make a move.

Am I surprised that the hero is a woman? Well, not really. Such a thing is very common back on Earth. I mean, in movies, anime, and novels, female heroes or heroines is a normal trope. Though from the reactions of the people around me, it seemed that it is quite rare.

And with the hero here, I'll be able to focus on the monsters. Right now, S-class and SS-class monsters are present and we must defeat them as soon as possible if we wanted to win this war. Once these monsters are defeated, we can assist the hero in fighting the demon king. Though the hero is fighting alongside her teammates, I doubt they can defeat the demon king. How did I know> Because the hero is just SS-class and the demon king is SSS-class. It might not look much but that one level is a chasm that is not easily crossed. Unless they are someone like me with cheat-like skills and spells. The hero most likely has something similar but according to the System, her chance of winning is just 23%. That's quite low.

Still, I'm certain she could at least last for a little while. Hopefully, she won't be defeated too quickly.

Anyway... I should defeat this annoying monster attacking me.

Who am I fighting?

It's a lion. No, it's a huge monster lion the size of a small hill. Troublesome opponent called the << Nemean Lion >>. The Nemean Lion... How surprising. Its name is similar to the lion in Greek mythos--the Nemean Lion. It's probably just a coincidence though...

Sigh. How annoying. It seemed like it's trying to use a beam attack or something. We can't have that, can we? It's a dangerous attack that could cause quite the damage if it hits. Of course, there is no way it can hit me. But the same thing could not be said to the adventurers and soldiers behind me.

So I cannot dodge, huh...

Oh well, then I won't dodge.

The Nemean Lion fired a large beam from its mouth--like a dragon.

Strong! But it's pointless.

I conjure a black orb in front of me. This black orb absorbs the energy from the beam attack and disappeared just like that. That black orb is actually a rankless spell called << Orb of the Void >>. Rankless spells are spells with mysterious effects. Some of these spells do not have much attacking power while some possessed incredible destructive capabilities. The Orb of the Void is not an attack spell. It does not cause damage but rather, it absorbs energy--similar to a black hole. Quite a terrifying spell if used at the right moment. It caused me 10,000,000 SP at the System Store. But seeing how effective it is, it's money well I mean, SP well spent.

The Nemean Lion looked dumbfounded when it saw that its attack had no effect on me. It growled at me menacingly but did not attack. Rather, I can see that it has grown more wary of me. Sorry, but I have no time to play with you. The seniors or the S-class adventurers are having trouble. I need to assist them quickly.

I disappeared from where I stand and then...


The Nemean Lion's eyes widened in shock. Moments later, its head was separated from its body.


I ignored the surprise eyes of my comrades and stored the body of the Nemean Lion in my << Inventory >>. It's an S-class monster after all and its body has plenty of useful materials. Add this to the body of the Demonic Raven that Shiro killed a few days prior, I now have two S-class monster corpses in my person. A good haul if I say so myself.

And speaking of Shiro, he is now fighting another S-class monster--A three-headed serpent-- << Serpentta >>. Seeing that Shiro is handling the monster with ease, I can say that I'll have another S-class monster corpse very soon.

I then shift my attention to Lily and the girls. seeing that they are handling the monsters quite well, a small smile surfaced on my face. The A-class mechanical puppets are bullying an S-class monster while the S-class mechanical puppet is fighting another S-class. The poor things. I hope the mechanical puppets doesn't damage the monster corpses too much. They are very useful after all.

Knowing that my team--Fenrir, is doing well, I used the short-distant teleportation to aid one of my senior adventurer who seemed to be having trouble with an S-class monster.

To be continued...


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