The Legend of Kai: Messenger (2)

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Messenger (2)

The messenger quickly turned his head and saw a stone-like fist before his eyes!


Panicked, this messenger released all of his powers, allowing him to dodge to the side!


The attack failed to hit the messenger but demolished a small hill nearby!

So close!

Being so close to death, the messenger's already pale face became paler. If he reacted a bit slower, he would have been severely injured!

"You, you damn demon! How dare you attack me!?"

Fuming with anger, the messenger pointed at the Demon King. He still could not believe that he was that close to being killed!

Though only his current vessel would be destroyed even if he is "killed", the messenger's pride still won't be able to accept that someone he considers inferior could actually defeat him!

Warily, the messenger increase the distance between him and the Demon King. He still haven't completed the mission given to him by his master as such he could not waste time fighting the Demon King. No only that, his current vessel cannot handle his true power and would be destroyed if he fought seriously.

"Hmph! It seems that the so called" god's messenger is only good at running away! Where has that arrogance from earlier go?"

Seeing the messenger increase the distance between them, the Demon King jeered and spoke in a tone laden with sarcasms. He could kill this messenger if he goes all out but he is worried that the Hero and the mysterious young man, Kai would act against him. Though in truth, he is more wary of Kai than the Hero Emilia. The Hero is definitely strong but he is still much stronger. The mysterious Kai on the other hand is completely unreadable!

The Demon King's inaction allowed the messenger some breathing space. From the look of things, the Demon King also has no intention to go all out -- most likely wary of the two humans nearby. Still, he could not let things continue like this. His time in this realm is limited after all.

"You two, lend me your aid and I will make sure that both of you would be generously rewarded"

Having learnt his lesson, the messenger no longer ordered and shouted at Emilia and Kai like earlier. Instead, he uses voice transmission to speak with them. His tone also changed and no longer ordered them as superior.

This change in the messenger's tone surprised, Emilia and Kai. Kai was especially surprise as he already considered the messenger as someone with arrogance that reaches the sky. But from his change of tone, Kai could tell that he is not that inflexible.

"Interesting! I guess I should at least hear what this so called god's messenger has to say. I should gather as much information as I could after all..."

Though surprise, Kai did not let his guard down but decided hear what the messenger would like to say.

"What do you want us to do?"

Though feeling conflicted, Emilia still responded to the messenger's plea. After all, she has already verified that this messenger is indeed similar to the god's messenger that served the creator of this world.

"Very good! I need your help in driving that repulsive demon, away! My mission here is to seek the leaders of humanity -- especially the leader of the my master's church!"

Hearing that Emilia is finally willing to help him, the messenger felt pleased. Though Kai, did not say anything but simply remained quiet, he also did not disagreed so the messenger take it as Kai agreeing to cooperate. After all, Kai is still human and the Demon King is his enemy!

The Demon King was waiting for the messenger to either flee or fight him but to his surprise, the messenger simply stared at him looking quite guarded. This silence made the Demon King frown. He then silently look at Emilia and Kai. He made a guess and thought that the messenger is communicating with the two.

Though realizing this, the Demon King, did not panic nor take further action. With his current strength, he is confident that he could escape even if the three besieged him!

While he is preparing for the attack, the Demon King received a voice transmission from Kai!

The sudden voice transmission surprised the Demon King but no change could be seen on his face.

Kai cut the voice transmission after telling the Demon King what he wanted to say. Whether the Demon King would agree to his proposals or not doesn't change his next course of action. In all honesty, he trusted neither the Demon King nor the messenger but if he is to choose who to work with, he would rather work with the Demon King. And the System seems to think so as well...


The messenger shouted and threw several < Holy Ball > towards the Demon King while Emilia slashes towards the him with her holy sword. Kai followed suit and uses a < Mega Slash > that dashes towards the Demon King with a killing momentum!

"So you two decided to work for that doll after all!"

Sounding disappointed, the Demon King conjured a barrier of dark energy to block the attacks coming from three directions!

Bam! Boom! Bang!

The three attacks hits the barrier, shattering it almost instantly! Unfortunately for them, the Demon King was neither killed nor harm by these attacks. Instead, the Demon King simply uses the barrier as some sort of distraction to allow him to escape using teleportation.

"Hmph! Did you really think that by working together you could kill me? Naive, it's not enough! Still, I got to admit that fighting you three together would be a great disadvantage for me so I'll retreat for now. But do not think that you three have defeated me. I'll see you three in the battlefield!"

Leaving those words behind, the Demon King disappeared from where he stood using teleportation, leaving the three of them behind.

Seeing that the Demon King had retreated the messenger secretly let out a sigh of relief. Now that the Demon King's gone, he could now fulfill his mission.

"Bring me to your leaders," the messenger ordered after making sure that the Demon King's no longer around.

Emilia look at Kai and the latter nodded, understanding what she wanted to say. Kai then opened a < Gate >, leading to the Alliance's temporary headquarter.

To be continued...


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