The Legend of Kai: The Mysterious Miasma (1)

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The Mysterious Miasma (1)

"They're here!"

An adventurer exclaimed after seeing several dragonoids flying over. Kai and the others looked up and saw the said dragonoids slowly descending, Among dragonoids is a young woman who Kai quickly recognized as Rudra.

several days ago, the guild received a missive from the dragon council informing them that they would be sending a team of dragonoids to investigate the sudden appearance of the miasma in the earth dragon's old lair. In the missive, they requested that Kai is to be included in the investigation and the guild could also send their own people to accompany them.

As such, the guild had been very busy with their preparations. The sudden appearance of the mysterious dungeon spouting monsters in Goeth worried everyone and the possibility that a similar dungeon appearing nearby is very alarming. None wish for another Goeth incident.

It's fortunate that someone manages to discover the abnormalities before things go out of hand.

"Welcome back, lady Rudra! I'm glad to see you again," guild master Guido greeted.

Rudra returned the greeting and quickly introduced her companions. There are four other dragonoids accompanying Rudra. They are:

Altos, an eight-foot tall dragonoid with a stern looking face.

Maluk, an arrogant looking dragonoid.

Orias, an old and world-weary dragonoid.

Lastly, Inna, a cute female dragonoid with bright eyes.

"These four, along with me will investigate the earth dragon's lair. How about your people, guild master Guido?"

After introducing her team, Rudra asked the guild master who he is sending to investigate.

"My team will only consist of me, Kai, viscount Alfred, and the towering shield-bearer named Mirin," the guild master answered as he pointed to the side where Kai and the other silently stood.

Rudra was surprised that the guild master himself would go.

"Is that okay? Wouldn't be the guild in trouble if you're not around?" Rudra asked.

"Hahahaha! No need to worry! The guild will not collapse even if the guild master is away for several days. My people are very efficient that way!" The guild master replied proudly.

"That's good to hear. Well then, it's been a while sir Kai, you are well I hope?"

Rudra smiled at the guild master's reply and shift her attention to Kai who is quietly waiting by the side.

Kai smiled softly and greeted back, "I'm well, thank you for asking milady."

"Good to hear, we will be depending on you for this investigation," said Rudra.

"I'll do my best," Kai answered.

Once the pleasantry is over, the guild master and Rudra ordered everyone to get ready to get a move on, only to be interrupted by the arrogant looking Maluk.

"wait! I noticed that none of you could fly. Are you telling me that you guys will travel with us by riding horses?" Maluk said with disdain after seeing the six-legged horse that the guild master and the rest are using.

"Maluk, don't be rude," Altos reprimands after seeing his comrades behavior.

"But captain, I'm just stating my concern. This investigation must be completed as fast as possible so we could prepare for any unexpected situation. We will be slowed down if we travel with these people," Maluk argued.

The adventurers and the guild staff were annoyed by the Maluk's arrogance. It's quite obvious from the get-go that he does not look favorably at the other races. The only reason they did not say anything is because he is from the dragon race and does not want unnecessary trouble. But Maluk's behavior had pissed a lot of people and some of them wanted to teach him a lesson in humility. Fortunately, the guild master warned them not to cause trouble with his eyes or they would have to fight the arrogant dragonoid.

"That's enough, Maluk! Don't forget where you are, this is not Dragonia!" Rudra chastised seeing that Malduk had no intention to stop.


Maluk shut up after being scolded by his captain, and Rudra. He knew that he'll be punished if he did not stop. Still, that doesn't stop the dissatisfaction from showing on his face.

"What a troublesome fellow...," Orias sighed.

"He really should keep his mouth shut. No wonder he's still single!" Inna teases.

"Shut up, bitch! You're single too!" Maluk roared in annoyance.

"Enough! Have you not embarrassed yourselves enough?"

Rudra massaged her temple that started aching. The mission hasn't even begun yet these troublemakers are already causing a ruckus. If not for the fact that they are useful in this investigation, she wouldn't bother to bring these two.

"I apologized for the rudeness of my teammates, guild master. I'll make sure that they'll behave themselves," she apologized.

"Um, there's no need for that. They are youngsters after all. Also, Maluk's concern is valid but we've already taken that into consideration. Kai?"

The guild master wasn't offended by Maluk's behavior and simply shrugged off what he said. He then assured Rudra and her team that they took everything into consideration, including the speed they are to travel. To prove his point he pointed to Kai for the solution.

"Please, don't worry about our traveling speed, lady Rudra. I could use spells that'll buff our team's speed," Kai explained.

"Really? That's very useful. Then let's go. The earlier we go the faster we will arrive at that place," Rudra is relieved after hearing Kai's assurance. She too is worried about their traveling speed but unlike Maluk, she is more tactful.

Kai summoned Shiro, to the surprise of Rudra and the other dragonoids. They could feel from the pressure that Shiro was emitting that it is an A-class monster. Even the usually arrogant Maluk turned solemn. To be able to tame and summon such a powerful monster proves that Kai possessed abilities not inferior to them.

"Impressive. I thought that absurd mana of his is just for show," Orias said while looking at Kai and Shiro.

"He definitely has the capability to travel with us," Altos agreed.

"How interesting! So he's not just some eye candy! He actually has substance!" Inna exclaimed with shining eyes.

"Hmph! Show off!" Malduk said with annoyance.

"..." (Rudra)

Rudra looked at Kai with renewed interest and is in deep thought. No one knew what she is thinking.

After summoning Shiro, Kai cast several buff spells that would increase the speed of their journey.

To be continued...


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