The Legend of Kai: The Serpent Show Its Tail (5)

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The Serpent Show Its Tail (5)

"It's a trap!" Myuu yelled while pouting.

Here pouting face is so cute that everyone wanted to pinch her cheeks. But since now is not the time for that, everyone held back.

Anyway, the reason Myuu is yelling "it's a trap!" was because she heard me mentioning the mysterious labyrinth that potentially belonged to the underworld organization, Hydra.

Of course, everyone thought so as well. It is so obvious that we cannot help but question what the remaining heads of Hydra are thinking. But I digress, Hydra won't survive this long if their leaders are idiots. I'm pretty sure there's much deeper plot involve.

"To think Hydra would make such an obvious trap. Are they really that confident that we would take the bait?" Kara commented sounding rather annoyed.

"Kai had destroyed two of their main bases after discovering their locations. So they must have figured that he would still take the bait knowing that it's a trap," Mia gave her opinion.

"Well, they are right on that one. Since Hydra's bases are so secretive, Kai would jump on any opportunity he gets to destroy them," Lily added helplessly while looking at me.

Feeling awkward, I faked a cough and told everyone that I have calculated all of the risk. I also told them not to worry as I have countless life-saving skills and items at my disposals.

"So does that mean you're still going?" Asked Yukina with a worried look.

"Yeah. I really don't have much choice on the matter and could only take a gamble on this. Of course that doesn't mean that I have no thoughts on my own. Since they are inviting me, it'll be rude if I don't go," I said jokingly.

Though I'm joking and smiling, everyone could see that my eyes are dead serious. Seeing me like that everyone seemed to have calmed down a lot.

"Hihihihi! I'm starting to feel sorry for those fools. To think that they would court death like this!"

Tenma laughed seductively after seeing my expression. I. on the other hand could only smile wryly at her response.

What does she mean by that? Am I the god of death or something?

[The host need to be more self-aware.]

Shut-up,System! No one's asking you!


The System made a sudden jibe at my inner thoughts, forcing me to retort back. Due to my ever-changing expression, Lily and the others ask me what is wrong, forcing me an awkward situation.

After that short episode, the conversation returned to the issue at hand.

"Do you need our help, Kai?" Lily asked.

I shook my head and told them that I could handle this myself. Seeing my refusal, everyone looked visibly rejected.

Knowing that they wanted to help badly, I could not help but smile warmly. I'm really grateful for their offers but this mission is just too dangerous and I'm not confident that I could protect them while fighting for my life.

[You should trust them a little bit more, host,] the System interjected.

"I do trust them but this is a different matter. The information is obviously a trap and I would not allow them to be in danger," I replied inside my head.

I looked at everyone and spoke,"I'm very grateful for the offer but it's better to do this mission solo. Of course that doesn't mean that you could not help me in any way." I explained.

"Actually, I have task for everyone. The heads of Hydra purposely made this trap knowing that I would take the bait. But this also opened an opportunity to wipe the continent of Hydra once and for all." I added.

Lilly and the others looked at me in confusion. Seeing this I quickly explained my previous words.

"To make the ambush as success, the remaining heads of Hydra would need to personally appear to defeat the "mysterious group" that had crushed two of their main bases. If we could defeat the remaining head and discover the location of their remaining bases, Hydra would totally be crushed!" I declared.

"Therefore, I need everyone's help to make sure that those guys cannot escape," I added.

Tenma thought for a moment and asked me to explain my plan.

To be continued...


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