The Legend of Kai: The Shadowy Serpent Moves (1)

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The Shadowy Serpent Moves (1)

I left the Adventurer's Guild main headquarters after giving the tired-looking guild president a bottle of wine. The wine is something I brewed using the method from Earth and is a far cry from the horrible tasting wine of this world.

The wine is supposed to be a reward for the president who had not gone home for several days due to too much work and as a peace offering for his wife. I just hope he didn't drink it all up by himself.

I returned to the Den to spend some time with my comrades. Since it'll take time before new information came and the coup is still haven't started yet, I decided to train them in the labyrinth. And considering that I haven't been spending time with them I felt a little guilty. Of course everyone understand that I am very busy so no one complained. Nonetheless, there is a possibility that they will grew distant from me if things continue as it is.

But before I could even meet them, I received a message from on my message talisman. The message is from the guild president asking me if I have more of the wine I gave him earlier.

"Hah! So he did drink it all up after all."

A wry smile showed up on my face after reading the message from the president. I shook my head and message him back--telling him that I will visit him again later to give him another bottle of the wine. But I sternly told him to share the wine with his wife next time or I won't be giving him more again. I also informed him that the wines are limited most of them are to be given to my friends and for mine and Fenrir's consumption.

Before long I received a reply thanking me for it. He also asked about the secret of making such a good tasting wine. But I simply replied by messaging "trade secret".

I went to the leisure hall after giving my reply. Inside the hall I saw the members of Fenrir resting and some playing. The leisure hall is made especially for relaxing. I asked Ozma to make it so that everyone could relax after training. It fast facilities and equipment not found anywhere in the world.

Upon my entry my comrades noticed me and quickly greeted. Myuu ran up to me for a hug of which I delightfully comply. After that they gather around me and told them of my plan. Hearing that I would be helping them train inside the labyrinth everyone, including Ruuka looked pleased.

Meanwhile at a certain city populated by dragons...

A beautiful female dragonoid is sitting comfortably inside a beautiful garden when a woman in maid outfit approaches and hand over a package. The said female dragonoid is none other than Rudra, one of Kai's ally and friend.

After thanking the maid, Rudra opened the package and saw a bottle of wine along with a letter. Rudra smiled seeing the content and proceed to read the letter. The smile on Rudra's face vanished after reading the content of the letter.

"So those guys are acting again," Rudra muttered. "Kabbal is it? If i'm not mistaken its a kingdom near our boarder. To think that a coup would happen there soon. I guess I have no choice but to report this to the council," she added.

Rudra then took the wine bottle and look at it curiously. Since the wine is from Kai, Rudra is certain that it is no ordinary wine. She calls for an attendant and ask for a cup. After opening the bottle, a pleasant scent fill the place. Rudra is startled after smelling the fragrant scent and pour some into her cup.

Looking at the clear red wine, Rudra was mesmerized. She elegantly took a sip and her eyes widened ins shock!

"Delicious!" She exclaimed.

The wine is without a doubt the best tasting wine she had ever tasted. No, no wine is comprable to the taste of the wine she is drinking now. She empty her glass and ravel at the after taste.

"As expected of Kai, even the wine is out of this world," she praises.

Rudra is not aware how close she is to the truth. Kai did came from a world out side of her. And the method of brewing the wine was also from Earth.

"I better pester him for more," Rudra giggled and fill her cup.

After consuming the wine, Rudra regretfully put the lid of the bottle back. She wanted to drink more but she has work to do. She needed to report the information Kai gave her. Hydra is a force that had laid dormant for too long but now it has awakened the western continent will surely be embroiled in war. She and the council needs to prepare counter-measures before it happened....

To be continued...


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