The Legend of Kai: Uninvited Visitors (3)

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Uninvited Visitors (3)

Though I planned to help Yukina and her clan escape this predicament. I don't want to do it by killing people. My plan is to simply warn them not to be too arrogant and then send them packing.

Unfortunately, there are some people whose arroagance knows no bounds. And a certin young master of the wolf clan seem to be among them.

Seriously. Can you not smirk at me so smuggly?

Also, what do you mean by saying that you'll let me go if I grovel and kiss your feet? Are you a retard? No, you're a retard right? Look, even that huge middle-aged wolf man look flabbersgasted. Unlike this idiot, he knew that you're courting death, you know?

Not only that, even Yukina and the elders are looking at him like his an idiot.

"What are you waiting for? Grovel and kiss my feet! Right now!" Screamed a soon to be dead young master.


[...Why do fools with death wish exist?]

Unlike me who's left speechless due to a certain young master's stupidity, the System remained merciless and unhesitatingly mock the young master Matou.

"Young master, please stop!"

Garudo who's starting to panic tries to stop MAtou from making a fool of himself. Though In my opinion it's already too late. As a young master of a clan, he should've been informed that I'm the one who retrieve the fox clan's treasure sword. Meaning, I'm strong enough to go to the 20th floor and come out unscathed. Yet, here he is mouthing like an idiot. Should I blame it on his unexperience or it's simply idiocy?

Having had enough of the wolf clan's young master insult, I summoned my sword and slashed nonchalantly. Still, wearing his smug face, matou was unable to react at all. But as expected Garudo would try to stop my attack. How loyal. His loyalty is wasted on this idiot. Of course, I expected that he will act and doesn't really care if he block my attack that barely have 10% of my strength in it.

Still, I heard him groan in pain. It seem that his right arm broke due to my attack. Obviously, my attack isn't over yet. With speed that no one present can follow, I gave a kick to Garudo who's still protecting his foolish young master. The kick send him and Matou flying at an unbelievable speed--crashing to nearby wall.


Gah!!! Ughaahh!!!

The two let out groans of pain after crashing to the wall. Everyone present was petrified at my sudden action. The soldier from the wolf clan look at me stupidly and then mechanically look at Garudo and their young master who are still groaning in pain, blankly.

"Young master!"

I don't know who yellled first but time started moving again after that. Like a wave, the soldiers quickly run towards their young master in an effort to help him. I heard sorrowful screams like, "Young master, please don't die" or something like that.

Hey, hey! I held back you know? So what's with that remark? That kick should only knock the air from their lungs and maybe break a bone or two. Nothing too serious, right? So please stop that cry as if you're young master is going to is going to dies or something...

I mean, look. He's already coming to.

Though he still look confuse, anyone can see that he won't be dying soon.

The wolf clan young master look at me with anger and fear. He yelled and ordered the soldiers to attack and kill me. Garudo, who is the more seriously injur of the two, tries to stop the soldiers. But like before, it's futile.

As if forgetting that I just send their strongest warrior and their young master flying, the soldiers attack me like their lives depend on it.

Obviously, I retaliated and with slashes that cannot be seen. I send the soldiers flying as well.

Gh! Ugh! Gooh! Argh!! N,no way! I,impossible! D,damn it!!!

Groans and curses rained as the soldiers grovel at the floor in pain--unable to get up.

The wolf clan young master, Garudo, the elders and people of the fox clan, and even Yukina gave me an unbelieving look.

To easily defeat several dozens of soldiers, everyone are finally aware of my strength. The wolf clan young master look especially terrified.

I walk towards the wolf clan young maaster, who upon seeing me walking towards him quickly run away looking fearful. None of the remaining wolf clan soldiers dare to stop me after seeing what I did. They finally realized that they kicked a steel board. Of course, i have no plan of letting them go after everything that happened.

To be continued...


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