The Legend of Kai: The Strange Labyrinth (3)

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The Strange Labyrinth (3)

While the mysterious adventurers are slaughtering the monsters as they dive deeper, another group is watching their every movements.

"Are they our targets?" a man wearing black cloaks that covers his whole body asked his peer beside him.

"Who knows? But whoever they are, they smell like trouble. There's no harm in getting rid of them," his peer answered while shrugging his shoulders.

"Why don't you guys do something instead of just chatting there like its none of your business? Do you think I could just summon those monsters without paying a price?" Ritter, one of the eight heads of Hydra complained grudgingly.

Ritter had been summoning endless horde of monsters since they announced the location of his labyrinth. Ritter's ability is called << Dungeon Master >>. His ability allows him to create psuedo dungeons and labyrinths. As a dungeon master is could design the dungeon or the labyrinth anyway he wanted--as well as summon and control monsters to confront his enemies.

Thanks to this ability, Ritter manages to become one of the eigth heads of Hydra.

Without a doubt his ability is quite overpowered but it also possessed its own share of weaknessess and limitations.

One of those weaknesses forces him to pay a huge price as such he must limit the use of his ability, or the consequences could be fatal.

Nonetheless, his ability is very useful for trapping and killing his enemies. Hence, Hydra's brain, Vincent, chooses him to become the bait.

This strange labyrinth had already claimed a great number of unwary adventurers and travellers.

But right now he is facing a group of incredibly powerful adventurers. He is not sure if they are the ones they are aiming for. But he do know that these adventurers are incredible dangerous.

With such a powerful group of adversary on his tail, Ritter is in a lot of pressure. And yet, despite the pressure he is feeling, his partners, the remaining heads of Hydra are merely chatting like it does not concern them!

While Ritters is glaring hatefully at his pig-like teammates, the mysterious group of adventurer just conquered another floor.

"The monsters are getting steadily more powerful. At this rate, we will run out of stamina before we could even find the core!" The sturdy-looking dwarf said with a frown on his bearded face.

"Though I hate to admit it. The dwarf is right!" The female elf agreed while looking at the monsters that just spawned.

"You guys should not complain too much! Don't forget that we are just accompanying this young man here. He is the one who is going to be doing the remaining work!" The elderly dragonoid explained while berating the two.

The young man, the ones that aid the previous adventurer simply smiled at this banter. The young man is actually Kai in disguise and the adventurers accompanying him are his friends from the Adventurer's Guild and the elderly dragonoid is one of Rudra's subordinate.

To lessened the risk of exploring the strange labyrinth, Kai pulled some strings and asked his friends cooperation.

To be continued...


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