The Legend of Kai: The Mysterious Tower of Trials (2)

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The Mysterious Tower of Trials (2)

A samurai?

That's the first thing that comes to mind once I saw the << Floor Boss >>.

How should I say it?

It's a ghastly looking samurai warrior from ancient Japan. It has a skeleton with glowing red eyes fora head. Aside from that, it is constantly spouting purple-colored smoke, no, it's miasma?

"Welcome, challenger! I am the master of this floor, Bishamon!" The ghostly samurai introduced itself.

Ugh! Bishamon? Really? How cliche!

I could not help but retort after hearing the ghostly samurai's introduction. Also, how could it talk despite being all bones? Magic?

"I applaud you for coming this far but-"

<< Flame Slash >>!

I cut the Bishamon's monologue with a flame Slash. I know that it's a rude thing to do but there's no way I could let go of the chance given to me. I mean it's defenseless and all. After all, no one would want to pass an easy victory.

Looking at the banishing ghost samurai, I could feel some sort of resentment from that gaze.

Are those tears?

Why the hell are you crying?!



I ignored the System's teasing and went straight to the next floor with a guilty conscience.

At the 12th floor, I noticed that the enemies are different from the 1st eleven floors. If the enemies from the before are evil spirits, ghouls and the likes, the enemies this time are more corporeal. But I can feel that they are much stronger. It seems that the type of enemies I will face will keep changing the higher I go. Also, the traps are much more deadly and the puzzles harder.

No wonder no one has even beaten the tower of trials. With the difficulty rising as one goes, the more dangerous the trials become. Fortunately, I don't need to complete the tower itself. I just needed to get to the 20th floor to complete Yukina's test and clear the 30th floor for the system quest. Considering my level, this should be easily doable.

Meanwhile at the Fox Clan's Castle...

"Mistress, the young man from the western continent had entered the << Tower of the Gods >> (the mysterious tower of trials)" a female brown-haired fox-eared girl.

"Is that so? Thank you, Shizu," Yukina replied with a smile.

seeing her mistress' nonchalant reply, Shizu wanted to say something but is hesitating. Yukina noticing this urges the fox-eared girl to speak what is on her mind.

"Tell me what's on your mind, Shizu?" Urges Yukina.

After hesitating for a bit, Shizu finally spoke out what's on her mind. "Mistress, why did you asked the foreigner to retrieve that sword? If I'm not mistaken that sword belonged to your father, the former clan head," She asked.

"Indeed. it is my father's sword. That's why I wanted to have it retrieve," Yukina answered.

"But mistress, if the foreigner successfully retrieves the sword, then you..."

Shizu did not complete what she's about to say--hesitating if she should continue.

"Yes, I would need to marry him once he retrieves the sword. But what of it? I don't really mind, to be honest."

Yukina, still nonchalant about what her servant is trying to imply completed what Shizu wanted to say. Her answer shocking the young maid.

"!!! Are you saying that you're okay with it? To marry an outsider?"

Shizu feeling flabbergasted by her mistress' reply could not help but raise her voice.

"Yes. It's at least a thousand times better than to marry "that" man," Answered Yukina in a flat voice--one could even feel the strong hatred within that voice.


"That's enough, Shizu. I've already made my decision," Yukina declared coldly.

Back at the tower, Kai had just passed the 15th floor and is on-route to the 16th floor. With just four floors remaining to the completion of the quest, Kai is the fastest person to reach that height. Yet is blissfully unaware what will happen once he retrieves the sword.

To be continued...


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