The Legend of Kai:Searching for the Demon King's Trails (1)

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Searching For The Demon King's Trails (1)

After a long awkward moment, I was finally able to smooth things up. For now the relationship between me and Yukina is still unclear but that's to be expected considering that everything happened so suddenly. To protect Yukina's reputation, I decided to let the people's misunderstanding to remain. I know that this is just a temporary solution but this is the only thing I could think of.

I'll just let nature takes its course...

Having temporarily settled the problem, I ask Yukina to call the elders and Inaba. Once everyone are present, I explained the true purpose of my visit to the eastern continent. And as expected, the moment I mentioned the demon king everyone's faces paled.

"M,master Kai, are you saying that the demon king is in this continent?" The first elder asked timidly.

"I'm not sure. But the eastern continent is nearest to the western continent and there's a possibility that the demon king and his army escaped here," I explained.

Everyone look at one another uncertain of what to do. Only Yukina and Inaba remained remarkably calm.

"Might I ask, master Kai, how strong is this demon lord?" The quiet Inaba asked after seeing the elders panicking.

After thinking for a few seconds, I decided to come clean and tell the truth. I was hesitating to tell them the demon king's level because I'm worried that they might fall into a bigger panic. But since someone finally ask the question, I no longer have a reason to keep the information.

"I'm not certain of his current level and class but when we battle him, his already at SSS-class," I answered.


As I expected everyone was terrified after hearing how powerful the demon king was. There complexions before telling them the demon king's level was already bad but after hearing his true level, everyone's faces is whiter than a piece of paper.

"Impossible... how are we supposed to fight that?" The fourth elder mumbles as if losing hope.

Yukina stared at my eyes with intensity. I too stare back at her with a questioning look. Moments later, Yukina looked away and sighed.

"Kai, why did the demon king retreated despite being so powerful?" Yukina asked.

"About that... the demon king was wounded because of the hero's last strike that uses up all of her divine power," I explained.

Yukina's ears perk up after hearing my answer. She then asked me a question with a very serious expression. Her expression looks so solemn that I unknowingly tense up.

"The hero... is a woman?" Was the question that came out of her mouth.

Eh? That's her question? Why is she so concern about that? Though still confuse, I still decided to answer her question.

"Yeah. But why did you ask?" I questioned.

"No reason, I'm just curious," was her answer.

"I see..."

Noticing the awkward situation between us, Inaba decided to ask another question in the hope of blowing away the awkwardness.

"Master Kai, did the hero defeated the demon king alone?" Inaba asked.

"Not really. She's with her party and a coalition army was also behind her, fighting the demon king's army. The adventurers including myself also fought with everything we have, finally forcing the demon king to temporarily retreat," I explained.

"I see. But may I say something?" Inaba nodded at my explanation but somehow remained not convince of something. So she asked my permission to ask another question. Judging from her expression she's probably gonna ask about "that"...

How troublesome. Yet it's a question I could not not answer.

"Forgive me for saying this, but I believe master Kai had played a bigger role in defeating the demon king, am I correct?" Asked Inaba with gleaming eyes.

It really is "that" question, huh? As expected of someone that has lived for so long. She could see through people's intention with ease. Since she already saw through it, I decided to answer her question truthfully.

To be continued...


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