The Legend of Kai: Joining the Adventurer's Guild (2/2)

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Joining the Adventurer's Guild (2/2)

Kai found himself inside a large underground room. Looking around he saw training dummies, weapon racks, an archery range and other training materials. He could tell that the equipments are well used by the wear and tear. Despite that though the equipments are still useable probably due to constant maintenance.

"What do you think of our training room?" The guildmaster asked after seeing Kai's scanning eyes. "Quite impressive. The equipment are well kept and the room itself is big enough to accomodate a lot of people at the same time." Kai answered.

The guildmaster laugh looking really pleased. The very first thing Guido did when he took the post of guildmaster was to improve the training room. He believed that good training could save an adventurer's life. And so far he had been right.

Now that he saw the training hall, Kai asked the guildmaster about the test. "So guildmaster, what test should I take to become an adventurer."

Guildmaster nod at his secretary Lenna, letting her explain the content of the test. Lenna step forward and began explaining. "The first test consisted of showcasing your ability. The second is practical combat, meaning you will fight one of our instructor. You don't need to win in order to pass, we just need to see your fighting capability. Of course if you win you'll get 500 silver coin as bonus. Lastly, is a simple registration process. We need it for your guild card. Oh right, you need to pay 100 copper coin for the registration."

"I see. When will I know the result?" Kai found the process very simple and just asked how long he needed to wait before knowing the result.

Lenna smiled and answered, "you'll know the result the same day. Do you have anymore question?"

Kai thought for a bit before coming clean. "There is actually. Though not technically a question. You see..."

Knowing that he needed to explain his origin, Kai told the white lie he concocted. After all he is not from this world and he know that the guild will require some personal information like his name, origin and such.

Guildmaster Guido and Lenna gasped after hearing of Kai's origin. About how he is from the mysterious far east and his accidental teleportation to the nameless forest. "I see, so that explained your name. Your case though rare is not exactly unique. There had been similar cases and more often than not those transported people also became adventurer." Guilldmaster Guido explained.

Relieved, Kai happily paid the registration fee, or rather it was Lily who did. But knowing of his situation, everyone found it natural. Not to mention he did save their lives.

"Okay, now please tell me what you can do and what sort of weapon you're familiar with." Lenna asked.

Kai told them that beside being a beast tamer he could also use swords, bows, and even a spear. Impressed, the guildmaster asked him to let them see. Nodding, Kai asked everyone to give him space as he is hoing to summon Shiro.

Meanwhile back at the inn, Shiro who was currently guarding the wagon feel that its master is summoning him. Afterwards a magic circle appeared on the ground. Shiro's sudden action and the appearance of the magic circle startled the horses. Earlier with Shiro lying on the ground and patiently guarding the wagon, the horses dare not to make noises due to fear of the powerful monster just outside the stable. But with the event outside their expectations they could not help but panic.

Sasha hearing the commotion went to the stable only to see Shiro quickly disappearing. Fortunately, Kai explained earlier that he might need to summon Shiro to the guild. And seeing what's happening Shasha was only startled but did not panic.

Kai pointed at an empty space inside the training room. Not long after a magic circle quickly formed and a silhoutte appeared inside it. Once the silhoutte fully emerges, everyone saw a large wolf with bluish fur.

"So that's your Hurricane Wolf? It's smaller than I thought." said the guildmaster slightly disappointed.

Kai smiled at this and mentally ordered Shiro to show its true form. Shiro obeyed its master's order and started growing. Seeing the monster growing at a rapid pace everyone was left gobsmacked.

"It can change shape!"



The adventurers observing from the sideline started to become rowdy as exclamation full of shock and amazement fill the entire room.

"A Hurricane Wolf that could shapeshift? This is a first even for me!"

Exclaiming with amazement the guildmaster took a peek at Kai and thought. "Even his monster is extraordinary... Seemed like our guild's going to have an interesting addition..."

Kai gestured Shiro to sit, of which it happily complied. It was then given a petting as reward from its master. Kai's petting is no ordinary petting, he let his mana flow freely in his hand. As such Shiro feel really comfortable and energized. This method of petting was advice by the System. Not only will it increase Shiro's loyalty it will also slowly raise its power.

Shiro's tale is wagging delightfully but due to Shiro's huge size, the tail act like a huge fan and blow the dust on the floor.

"Cough! Cough! Please make it stop!"

Noticing what's happening, Kai quickly ordered Shiro to stop wagging its tail and to shrink its body to that of a regular wolf.

After showcasing his summoning ability, Kai showed his skill with the sword, and bow. To not caught too much attention, he controlled his strenght and only show his most ordinary skills. Despite this though the adventurers watching were still amazed.

"He's holding back."

Kai's action did not escape Guildmaster Guido's sharp eyes but did not exposed him as this is a very normal and wise thing to do.

With his impressive arsenal of skills, Kai easily passed the first test. Now he needed to face one of the guild's instructor. At first Kai was thinking of holding back and lossing on purpose. But after remembering that he could get 500 silver coins, he changed his mind. Considering that he is currently penniless, 500 silver coins will help him a lot. Of course Kai could always sell the materials he gathered for money but decided to let Lily to sell them for him and that could take a while. As such he needed the money for his daily spendings. There's no way he will let any of the girls to spend money on him. He still have his pride after all.

A middled aged man slowly walked towards Kai. His opponent is a man called Roland. A man with course complexion, gray hair and bushy beard. Kai can tell that he is a seasoned and experienced warrior.

Knowing that victory is not going to be easy, Kai prepare himself. Both he and Roland chooses swords as their weapon of choice. Kai's weapon is a onehanded sword while Roland chooses a broadsword. These swords are just practice swords and are edgeless. Still one must never understimate these practice weapons as they can still cause a lot of damage. The guild also prepared a healer that can use the "Heal" spell. But compared to Kai's almost instantenous "Heal", the guild's healer is inferior.

"You're not using your monster?" Roland asked.

Kai shooked his head and said, "Shiro's an A-class monster it'll be too unfair."

Instructor Roland nodded and did not persist. Being a B-class adventurer himself he knew that he is no match for Shiro. To defeat a monster of such caliber, a team of consisting of atleast 4 A-class is needed. That's how powerful an A-class monster truly is...

The two faced each other, weapons at ready. The guildmaster then gave the signal and Kai and Roland moved at the same time.

Roland planned to use his superior size and strenght but the moment their swords crossed, he discovered to his horror that he could not overpower Kai at all! Instead it was him who took several step back.

"How could it be! I'm Lvl 14!" Roland screamed in his mind.

Result of the initial clash did not only shock him but also everyone watching—including the guildmaster. Of course the result did not surprised Lily, Kara and Mia. The three of them actually expected this. After all they had witnessed Kai's strenght not too long ago.

Kai did not let the opportunity go. He quickly do a follow up and slashed. Though Roland managed to depend he could not help but groan in pain. Kai's every attack is overpowering him and could not even use any of his skills. Unfortunately for him Kai had no plan to let him rest and after several minutes of struggling, he conceded.

"Damn it kid! Can you atleast give a bit of face to this old man? You didn't even let me get a hit in!" Instructor Roland could not help but jockingly complain to Kai.

Laughing awkwardly, Kai scratched the back of his head. Though he did planned on winning he did not expect to overwhelm the instructor. Even Kai was surprised by his own strenght, he did not expect to easily win against a B-class adventurer. "I should try to control my strenght..." he thought.

"Hahaha! Great work kid. You're stronger than I initially thought. Lenna proceed with the final process and don't forget his reward.

"Of course guild master. Please follow me."

Lenna asked Kai to follow her. Inside a room, Kai was given a form to fill up. Though coming from another world, Kai was given several "gifts" and could actually read and write in this world's various languages. He guessed this is the reincarnation god's way of making things easier for him. Kai is very thankful for this.

Lenna on the other hand did not know this as such she wanted to offer her help but to her surprise, Kai was able to write using this continent's language.

"Impressive! You could actually know how to read and write in our language?" she asked quite impressed.

"Yes. You could say I have a gift for languages." Kai told a white lie.

Hearing this, Lenna could only marvel at this young man's talent. She had never met someone as talented before as such her interest for the young man grew stronger.

An hour after registration Kai finally received his guild card but not without another surprised from him. The moment he dropped a single drop of blood on the guild card, his true level was exposed. His actually Lvl 15!

To be continued...


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