The Legend of Kai: Fierce Battle With The Demon King (4)

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Fierce Battle With The Demon King (4)

Emilia's POV

What's with is person?!

He's already overpowered in by himself but now he even merged with his contractual beast!

Look at that speed and power!

Yet despite that, he still could not defeat the demon king...

But... our chance of winning just went up!

Timing... I must find the right timing!

He's already giving his all, so I must respond in kind. I can not fail!

The battle with the demon king rages on. Kai manages to cause some serious damage to the demon king but it seemed that it is not enough. The demon king simply laughed off that huge wound on his chest.

But it's not like there is no effect. The wound is healing much slower than I expected. It seemed that his self-healing ability cannot keep up with the damage he is receiving. Kai on the other hand is not letting up too, he knew that he must cause as much damage as possible.

Oh? That's!


Without warning, I activated my ultimate skill << Heroic Sacrifice >>!

I have been waiting for the right chance to use it since earlier and that chance finally arrived. No way in hell I'm going to miss this opportunity!

Readying my holy sword and dashes towards the demon king's exposed back!

My speed is so fast that it seemed that I disappeared.

the demon king noticed my action but it's too late. My sword plunges into the demon king's defenseless back and activates my strongest holy-based attack skill-- << Grand Cross >>!

A blinding light surrounds the demon king and then... an explosion!


Kai manages to quickly retreat before the explosion occurred as such he avoided being injured.

Looking at the explosion of holy power, I prayed to all the gods--hoping that my last attack killed the demon king.

My body felt so weak. Never before had I feel such weakness. Such is the side effect of the hero's ultimate skill.

Before long the explosion stopped, only to see a scene that makes my heart go cold--the demon king survived...

Seriously? Is this a joke?

How could anyone survive that?

Oh, gods! Why are doing this? This is just too unfair!

We already did everything we could and yet, he still alive?

I wanted to yell, to voice out my frustration, yet I can not. Not because I know that it is pointless but because I have no strength left to do so.

Kai walked in front of me as if protecting me from the demon king's revenge. No, he is trying to protect me.

I wanted to tell him to run away and leave me behind. BUt my the weakness is quickly spreading. Just staying awake is taking all of my will power.

The demon king is standing there with serious injuries. Any lesser man or monster would have died with such an injury but the demon king doesn't even look like he is in pain.

What are we supposed to do now?

But before I could think of anything else, the demon king spoke.

"Well done, hero! You're timing is impeccable," he praises. "Unfortunately, it is not enough. You're just not strong enough. Or rather, I've become too powerful?"

Too his arrogance irked me, I know that he's telling the truth. This demon king is too powerful compared to the previous ones.

I really wanted to scream foul but it's not like it could change our current situation.

"Can you stop acting like that last attack did not affect you? I know that your injuries are worse than you let on. You can't fool my eyes you know?"

Seeing the demon king's arrogance, Kai could not help but berate the demon king.


"You are correct, human. I am gravely injured and can no longer fight with all my strength. But so what? No one here is cap[able of finishing me off. At most you could force me to retreat from this battle. And even if I do, I already gain what I wanted," the demon king said mysteriously.

Gain what he wanted? What does he mean by that?

Not caring at all for my thoughts, the demon king keeps rambling mysteriously.

"Are you saying that the purpose of this war is not just world domination?" Kai asked.

"Correct! As such whether I continue fighting or not no longer matters. Still, you all deserve praise--especially you, young human. Not only are you able to fight me head on you also caused much damage to my army. Your machination was excellent. You're able to reduce my army by at least 30% before even the battle starts!"

The demon king praises Kai for fighting him in even ground and then revealed something incredible. Kai was actually able to weaken the demon king's army by 30% even before our army fought the3 monster army.

How did he do that? What method did he use?

What an achievement...

"Then what are you gonna do now?" Kai asked, not caring that the demon king exposed his deeds.

The demon king laugh.

"I'm a king, as such, I will reward you for entertaining me. I will reward everyone here their lives!"

Declaring so, the monster army retreated to the miasma. Not long after the presence of the monsters disappeared!

"I will need to recuperate and recount my gain in this battle. As such we will retreat for now. But make no mistake, the next time I appeared, I will be much stronger than I am now. Therefore, become stronger too! Strong enough to defeat me!"

Laughing with madness, the demon king disappeared into the miasma.

To be continued...


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