The Legend of Kai: Labyrinth Exploration (2/3)

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Labyrinth Exploration (2/3)

After slaying the monsters, some of the adventurers started gathering the loots while the dwarf who I spoked with earlier approaches our party of three. He introduced himself as Darvin the leader of the party.

"Hello, my name is Kai, and these are my friends Kara and Mia."

I introduced myself, Kara and Mia then asked what happened.

Darvin scratched the back of his head embarrased.

"Uh, about that... we let our guard down and was ambushed by the newly respawned gnolls." he explained.

He then explained that the ambushed happened aa they are about to return to the surface after half a day of training their newest party members.

"It seemed that a large number of gnolls had been killed while we are training and it just happened that we walk through their respawn point without our knowledge."

"That's quite the terrible luck there," I joked.

"Ha-ha-ha-ha! You betcha it is! If not for the fact that those gnolls are just D-rank, we might have ended with more trouble. Well, not everything's bad, we did get quite a few loots from it, not to mention it's a valuable experience for our newbies." Darvin reply laughing.

Ah, that's true. The situation might lookee dangerous to outsider but Darvin seemed to be a season adventurer and had probably seen his share of ambushes. The event will also help new adventurers realized the danger of letting their guard down.

"Your party doesn't have anyone that can use 'Mana Sense'?" I asked.

"Mana Sense''? That's an extremely rare skill, you know. Very few people have 'em and it mostly appear in people with great talent in magic, like those annoying elves." Darvin answered.

I was surprised with what Darvin said. If what he said is true then my 'Mana Sense' is quite valuable.

"Really? I thought it was a basic skill. I mean, I did acquire it quite early. Didn't think that it's so rare. Come to think of it, I think I could buy it in the System Shop with just 50 SP... maybe I should buy some for Kara and Mia..."

Seeing me become quiet all of the sudden, Darvin become suspicious and asked me if I could use 'Mana Sense'.

"Yeah. I've been using it since entering the labyrinth," I answered.

"Dang! So that's the reason why the three of you are so unflustered despite being in a small group! How lucky, I wished you're in my party." Darvin exclaimed while looking at me with envy.

"Um, there might be a chance to work with you in the future."

What I've said is not just lip service. Since I haven't officially joined an adventurer party, I could work with other party if necessary.

"Really?! Where are guys registered." Darvin asked.

"We are registered in Ark but I planned to move around so I might ran into your party one of those days." I answered.

"Ah, the city of adventurers. My party and I are from Gald city. Look for us if you happened to be in the area, I'll show you around," he offered.

"Sure!" I said with a smile.

"Darvin! We got a problem!" someone yelled from behind.

"?! What happened?"

"Pete's wound aren't healing!"

"What? Lemme see!"

Darvin ran towards his friend flustered. Confused, Kara and Mia looked at me. I nodded and approach Darvin's group. There we saw a young adventurer clutching his left arm—sweating in pain. I looked at the wound and was surprised to see it blackened and pestering.

"What the hell? System what's with that wound?" I asked the System in my mind.

[It's a curse, host.]

A curse!

The System's answer startled me and quickly asked what sort of curse it is.

As if expecting my question, the System explained the type of curse that inflicted the adventurer Pete...

Darvin looked at Pete's festering left arm and grimace.

"Nicole, what method was used to treat Pete?" Darvin asked a female adventurer with catlike ears—a beastfolk.

The cat-eared Nicole quickly answered. She said that she had used 'Heal' to heal their wounded party member but when he used it on Pete, it had no effect. She also used an antidote thinking that Pete was poisoned but that too proved ineffective.

"Darvin, we might need to cut Pete's arm. If we don't it might spread to the rest of his body." an adventurer cuts in


"No! I don't want to lose an arm!" Pete wailed after hearing what his party member said.

"Henry, you..." Nicole looked at the adventurer who suggested to have Pete's left arm be cut off.

"Nicole, don't look at me like that. I also don't want to do it but if we don't stop the pestering it might spread to the rest of his body, and might even kill him." Henry answered with a heavy voice.

"...but.." (Nicole)

"..." (Darvin)

Heavy silence filled the hallway when it was suddenly broken by Kai's voice.

"Your friend is right. If not treated quickly, it will reach his heart and kill him. But there's no need to cut off his arm, I might be able to do something about it."


Everyone looked at me with blankly, unable to react due to what I just said.

"You can? Do you know what affected Pete?" Darvin asked quickly.

I nodded and explained that it was caused by a curse called 'Decay'. As it name suggest, the afflicted part will slowly fester and decay, causing unimaginable pain to the victim. The curse will spread to the whole body until it reaches the heart and kill the victim.

Everyone drew in cold air after hearing what sort of curse it is. Pete grew even paler when he heard that he will suffer unimaginable pain before dying.

Raising my hand, I pointed at an ugly spear ignored by the adventurers.

"That's the cause of the curse. You can check it but do not touch it unless you wanted to be get the curse," I said.

Nicole looked at the spear and examined it, moment later she exclaimed.

"He's right! The spear is indeed curse!"

Everyone looked at the spear with fear. Fortunately, no one touched it earlier or they too might had been afflicted.

"Right, it is the same spear that wounded Pete earlier," Henry murmured.

"Destroy that spear. Kai, you said you might be able to help Pete, right? I'll pay anything you wanted, please help him." Darvin begged.

Impressed by Darvin's dedication to his friend, I smiled.

"No need for that. We're all adventurer. Just consider it me helping one of my own." I said.

I approached the seated Pete and put my right near the wound then chant 'Dispell' and quickly followed it with 'Heal'. Soon the curse was dispelled and Pete's left arm returned to normal.

Nicole was stunned when she saw what I did and looked at me with disbelief.

"Did you jusr used 'Dispell' and 'High Heal'?! Are you a high priest?"


Surprised at Nicole's outbust everyone looked at me. I quickly shake my head and told them that I was registered as a beast tamer.

"A beast tamer that could use such powerful magic?!" again the whole party looked at me like I was some kind of monster.

Seeing their intense gaze, I was taken aback and told them that I'm just someone with a bit of talent in magic.

"Kai, if you consider yourself with just a "bit" of talent in magic, then 99% percent of people in the world have no talent in magic." Kara shot me down with her exasperated words leaving me speechless.

"She's right." Mia said softly.

"...." (Kai)

"L-let's not talk about it. Anyway, how do you feel Pete?" I asked, quickly changing the subject.

"I'm okay now. There's no pain anymore. Thank you very much!" Pete said while bowing.

"You're welcome. Glad you're okay now." I nodded as I accepted his thanks.

After more thank you from Darvin and the rest of the party. We said our goodbyes as if running away. Okay, I'm actually running away from a certain female beastfolk who keep looking at me with eyes so intense that I was starting to get terrified.

And so we continue our exploration of the labyrinth while being teased by Kara.

To be continued...


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