The Legend of Kai: The Serpent Show Its Tail (4)

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The Serpent Show Its Tail (4)

Kai is unaware that a plan against him, or rather, against his disguised personas is brewing in the shadows. But even if Kai is aware, it won't make much difference to him nor will he change his course of action. As long as he could get rid of Hydra, he'll willingly walk into any trap. Of course this does not mean that Kai is foolish. In reality, his action till now was calculated. He knows that he would earn the ire of the remaining head of Hydra by foiling their plans and defeating some of the heads.

The brain of Hydra, Vincent might be highly intelligent but he pales in comparison to the almost omnipotent System that Kai possessed. Everything that Vincent could think of, the System already thought. Basically, Kai is several steps ahead of Vincent and Hydra. The only problem that Kai needed to tackle would be finding the hidden bases of Hydra's remaining heads.

But it seemed that Kai would only need to wait for Hydra to show itself.

Kai, who is blissfully unaware that someone is plotting against him is currently acting on his own plot. Through various means and manipulation, Kai manages to get hold of one of the mysterious fort's highest official.

The unlucky fellow in question is a man named Othello. When Kai first heard the man's name, he was temporarily silenced. To think that one of Hydra's official is named after a famous character in a novel back on Earth.

"This coincidence is just..."

Kai could only shake his head at the fate of the unlucky fellow and even wonder if the name Othello is a curse or something. Whether Earth or his current world, such a name seemed to bring bad luck.

Though feeling slightly sorry for the guy, Kai's plan did not change and the target is chosen.

Using Othello, Kai manages to gather information on every Hydra agent on the fort. Unfortunately, none of the information points to any of the remaining heads. Still, not hope is lost as Kai manages to find the locations of other Hydra bases. If he investigate these bases, Kai is certain that he would be able to find clues on the remaining heads. After all, these bases should have middle men that would relay the orders from the heads. A large organization would need to receive instructions from their leaders for it to function properly and Hydra is no different.

With that in mind, Kai infiltrates these bases and was finally able to find what he is seeking for!

But before Kai could rejoice, he received an unexpected information--Hydra finally showed its head!

One of his many spies discovered a suspicious labyrinth and it just happened that this labyrinth is secretly owned by one of Hydra's head!

A labyrinth owned by Hydra?

Kai contemplated on the information he just received. His instinct is telling him that these information is very suspicious. There is a good chance that the information is a trap. Yet Kai have no choice but to investigate the matter.

But before he investigates, he wanted to ask the opinion of his comrades and see how they would react.

So Kai opened a Gate that would lead to the Den and ordered Ozma to gather everyone. Not long after everyone returned and an inpromptu meeting was held.

To be continued...


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