The Legend of Kai: Dungeon Master (2)

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Dungeon Master (2)

Kai and his group had a smooth journey despite the fact that the monsters grew stronger as they dive deeper into the labyrinth. But that changes after entering a certain boss room...

"Carefull! Do not let the flames touch your body!"

Isaac warned the other as he tries to douse the flames on his shield. Yet no matter what he does the flame won't die. Left with no choice, Isaac was forced to throw away his shield. It was fortunate that only the shield caught fire, if it was any part of his body, Isaac could already imagine the consenquence.

Seeing what happened to Isac's shield, everyone was shakened. Fortunately, these people are extraordinary, and they quickly recovered from their shock. They never stopped attacking the demon-like monster clad in flames they dubbed at the Flame Demon! But unlike their initial reaction they are more careful--making sure that to the flames does not touch them.

Kai is observing everything that had happened and his expression is unreadable to everyone. He, along with Kuran did not join the fight for there is really no need. The four people fighting the Flame Demon are veterans of battles and are powerful by themselves. Even though the Flame Demon is a powerful and troublesome opponent, it cannot defeat the Talban and the others.

"It won't be long now. After we defeat this boss, we will finally face the dungeon master," Kai explained to Kuran while still observing the situation. Hearing this Kuran nodded his head lightly. Unlike the other four, Kuran is privvy to the real content of the quest. He knew that they are not here to just explore the labyrinth but rather to look for the heads of Hydra!

"Those people are observing us, right?" Kuran asked and lightly glanced at Kai, waiting for his response.

"That is for certain. I'm sure they are having fun watching us struggle as we explore deeper into the labyrinth," answered Kai as he let out a smile smile. Kai's statement does not lack confidence nor is he just blowing some hot air. One must not forget that Kai have the System and the System Map on him. The System can detect and map a large area without even Kai being their! It can even penetrate through doors and walls with ease. Thanks to this Kai is already aware that after defeating the Flame Demon, they would finally meet with the dungeon master, or rather, one of the remaining head of Hydra!

Kuran smiled at this. They have been harrassed non-stop by those guys from Hydra that even the usually calm Kuran is starting to get annoyed. He cannot wait to meet these people and give them a piece of his mind. Kuran has lived for almost a millenia now, and these people from Hydra are among the monst annoying ones he had encountered! There are other reasons why he wanted to meet the members of Hydra, he needed to show his abilities to impress this ypung man besides him for their clan's little princess's sake. He knew that Rudra have feelings for this young man as such he wanted Kai to have good impressions of the Dragonoids.


Kai and Kuran heard the Flame Demon roar as it collapses into the ground. After a long abd difficult battle, the boss was finally defeated much to the relief of Talban and the others. The Flame Demon was a difficult monster to fight due to its flames. Fortunately, there are four of them to share the pressure. If only one of them was fighting, then thing would become more troublesome.

"Good work, everyone! You guys should rest for now. I believed we will finally face the dungeon master after this," Kai explained as he ordered the four to rest. Though he is the one who is going to face the members of Hydra, he still needed to make sure that the others are in full strength. After all, he is going to face multiple opponents and he will need the others to take care of them as he faces the head or heads of Hydra.

Talban and the others did not complain as they took the opportunity to rest. But as they are resting the passage to the next room opened by itself. Kai and the others looked at the opened passage in front of them, and could not help but let out a collective sighs. It seemed that the dungeon master is rather impatient for him or her to open the passage on his or her own.

To be continued...


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