The Legend of Kai: Infiltration

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Infiltration (1)

Ergone Desert

After getting the location of the Dark Guild's main headquarters from Ozma, unhesitatingly used Long-distance Teleportation to go there. But I did not went straight to the base, instead I teleported to the outskirts. The reason for this is simple, I needed to gather much information before infiltrating the place. since there are lots of things to worry, I couldn't be careless.

I thoroughly investigated the outskirts of the base and waited patiently. Not long after I found some members of the Dark Guild transporting what seemed to be abducted adventurers.

What perfect timing....

After making sure that there are no witnesses, I intercepted the abductors and rescue the confused adventurers. Using Gate, I send the abducted adventurers to the Adventurer's Guild main branch with a letter addressed to the president. The letter is enchanted and cannot be opened by the anyone else besides the president. The measure is necessary to make sure that no information is leaked. I should also mention that I'm properly wearing a disguise so the abducted adventurers won't be able to recognize me, though the Gate seemed to be a giveaway....

But I digress. The adventurers are still confuse anyway and if they are as promising as they look, they won't leak the information.

Yeah, let's just trust their integrity....

Now that the abducted adventurers are out of the way, I should start interrogating the members of the Dark Guild. I doubt they would tell me everything honestly so I decided to use a magic that I loathe using.

The magic is called << Mind Control >>. from the name itself, I think anyone can guess what the magic can do. Yeah it can control people's thoughts....

It's a despicable magic that no decent person would use. And in all honesty, I too don't want to use it as it makes me feel like a villain. I don't like it and wouldn't use the magic if I could help it.

But since I'm dealing with criminals, that my hesitation isn't that strong. Yeah, they are criminals anyway, and it's not like there would be after-effects as long as I don't abuse it.


My first "victim" is a guy who looks like the boss of the bunch. I will also ask the other members just to be sure.

Well then....

Using Mind Control, I was able to gather information without much problem. But the information these guys have isn't that important, it seems that they don't have much position inside the organization but I expected that. The leader did give me a name that I could use though. It seems that this guy is somewhat related to an important member of the Dark Guild. Since I have no other clue, I will start with that guy. Luckily, the leader of the bunch gave me the location of that guy, his habits and the place he often visits.

According to the leader-guy, that officer loves to frequent a certain brothel.

Yeah, a brothel....

This would be the first time that I'll be visiting a brothel in this world. It's kinda exciting, no unnerving!

I should keep this a secret from the girls. I don't want them to look at me like I'm trash afterall....

After making my mind, I also sent the captured Dark Guild members the guild's main branch using Gate. I'm pretty sure that the president would take care of the rest for me.

Well then... off to the brothel I go!

To be continued...


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