The Legend of Kai: The Monster Tide (4)

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The Monster Tide (4)

After getting my reward from the viscount and asking about the whole situation, I've found out that monster tides don't normally happen on the region so the situation is truly strange. What's more the monsters seemed to have appeared out of nowhere, greatly perplexing everyone. The viscount is even thinking that there's an undiscovered dungeon or labyrinth somewhere. And of course he's blaming the demon king for everything.

The viscount's reaction is understandable. Its also normal that to think that everything is due to the demon king's interference. I then said my goodbye to Helen and Ellen. After hearing that I would be leaving Ellen seemed especially sad, noticing this, Helen tries to invite me to stay for a few days. But since I have a job to do, I declined the invitation after promising that I would visit often. Hearing my promise, Ellen finally cheered up. I was somewhat troubled by Ellen's reaction but since she's an only child and only two years older than Myuu, I simply thought that she sees me as a brother figure.

I went to the city and converse with the populace. My purpose is to gather as much information as I could. The first days of the investigation did not produced much result. The information I gathered are the same as those of my spies. But I at several days later, I heard an information from a certain boy from a local orphanage.

The boy claimed that the he saw monsters coming out from the mist at the Hilldron forest several kilometers from the city. Then several after that the monster tide happened. I asked him what he is doing outside the city and why he's at the forest. The boy explained that he sneaked out of the city to look for fruits and berries to give as gift the sister that is taking care of them.

"That's very dangerous thing to do, you know?" I said after hearing the boy's reasoning.

The boy lowered his head after hearing my scolding. He probably been lectured many times for his action.

"I-I know! But I just want to give something for sister Agnes!" The boy named Paul argued.

"Then what would this sister Agnes feel if something happened to you?" I questioned.


The boy stayed silent after realizing what I am getting to. But since Paul's reckless action resulted in the only clue I had, I did not pursue further. Besides, I;m not his reelative so I have no right to lecture him.

"You should avoid doing this sort of thing anymore. If anything happen to you, your sister Agnes and your friends would be sad. Understand?" I adviced.

"Yeah... you're absolutely right," Paul agreed.

Now that's settled. I asked Paul if he reported what he saw to anyone.

"I only told it to sister Agnes. But she probably though that its just one of my prank. And after hearing that I went that far she lectured me. After that I simply forgotten about it and only remembered when you approached me," Pual explained.

I nodded my head after Paul's explanation. Paul seemed to be a prankster so sister Agnes reaction to his story is justifiable. Nonetheless, she should have still reported this information to the authority. But then again, she's just a sister from an orphanage so she probably won't be taken seriously either. What's more if Hydra or any organization is responsible for the monster tides then she might put hers and the children from the orphanage in danger. So maybe this is for the best.

"Why don't you lead me to the orphange, Paul?" I asked Paul.

"Huh? Why?" Paul tilted his head in confusion.

I told Paul that I want to see the orphanage and donate some money while I'm at it. Paul was surprised by what he heard then his face brightened. even though he is just a kid he understand that the orphanage can only survive because it received donations from kind people.

At the orphanage I finally meet Agnes. From her appearance she looked like a woman in her middle 20's. Her looks is average but she possessed motherly and kind eyes. I guess this the reason that Paul is smithen by her. For a child without parents, a motherly figure like sister Agnes is probably a very attractive person

Sister Agnes was surprised at first after seeing me. But after hearing from Paul that I'm there to donate her smile widened and she looked visibly relieved. Most likely the financial situation of the orphanage is not ideal. And considering that many people died during the monster tides, the orphans increases and the orphanage is struggling to house and feed the children.

I handed her a pouch containing a hundred gold coin, greatly startling her. She was first hesistant to accept such a large of money but at the end I was able to convince her. She thanked me profusely but I told her that it's nothing much.

After promising that I would be sending people once in a while to donate more, sister Agnes almost broke out in tears. I then said my goodbye to her and Paul.

Since I've gotten some information. I went to Hilldron forest to verify the information from Paul. There I saw...

To be continued...


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