The Legend of Kai: Side Story (Rudra's POV 1)

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Side Story: Rudra's POV (1)

My name is Rudra, a dragonoid from the silver dragon clan. I'm 57 years old,

and one of the youngest of my kind, considering my race's long lifespan I'm

still considered a juvenile.

What's a dragonoid you asked?

Dragonoids are humanoid dragons capable of human speech. We are descendants of

the "true dragons" who mated with humans and other humanoid species like the

elves. Because we have dragon blood on our vein, we are one of the most

powerful species in the world. Our dragon blood also allows us to transform to

a real dragon after reaching a certain level.

Because of our humanoid form, dragonoids are tasked by the dragon council as

emissaries of the dragon race. Our task involves solving problems concerning

the dragons. Basically, we are like babysitters to our cousins the great

dragons, standard (metals, elementals, colored) dragons, and lesser dragons.

Not that I'm complaining of course.

The great dragons rarely cause troubles, not surprising because they are

highly intelligent and our prominent members of the dragon council.

Unfortunately, the same could not be said to our standard and lesser cousins.

These guys seemed to love to cause problems for us. If not for the fact that

we warned the humans and other races not to cause unnecessary harm to our

dragon brethren, they would have been hunted left and right.

And the latest problem child is an earth dragon who decided to move house and

make a territory of a nearby city called Ark its own. Hence, I who hated being

bothered was tasked in solving the said situation.

seriously, such a bother...

Well, I guess I'll just take this as an opportunity to tour the land. Doing

nothing but study and train is starting to get tiresome. Time to unwind I


Because of the distance from the dragon country and the city of Ark, it took

me five days to reach my destination despite flying nonstop. Yes, I flew

nonstop because I could not use magic like teleport or the legendary Gate

spell. Really, it'll be nice if I could learn one of those spells, not that I

have the talent for space magic anyway...

Anyways, after continuous flying I finally reached Ark. Ark is a large and

prosperous city, one of the largest in the Malkal kingdom. According to the

information I gathered, Ark is famously known as the city of adventurers.

City of adventurers...

Did the earth dragon have a death wish? Seriously? Off all the places it could

have chosen, it chooses a city where countless adventurers resided? What is it


Shaking my annoyance I landed outside the city causing the people who wanted

to enter the city to be startled.

Not surprising considering that dragonnoids rarely ventures outside our


I walked towards the guards and introduced myself. hearing that I am sent by

the dragon council, the man in charge quickly guides me to the city lords


Outside the mansion, I was greeted by the city lord himself who warmly greeted


"welcome, lady Rudra. I am Lagus, the lord of Ark." the city lord greeted.

"Thank you, lord Lagus. It's a pleasure to meet you. I believe you are already

aware of my visit?" I asked.

"Certainly. I've been informed of your visit. But for now why not go inside?

I'm sure you're tired from the long journey." the city lord offered.

"Then I will accept your hospitality,." I replied.


The city lord leads me inside the mansion and served beverage and food.

"This food..."

Looking at the unfamiliar food on the table I could not help but mutter.

Before traveling, I've studied the food outside the country, but these foods

looked really unfamiliar. It's not because they look unappetizing or anything,

on the contrary, they look and smell especially tempting.

"These are cuisine newly introduced to the market. The one you're holding is

called a crepe, that one's a pizza, a fried chicken, and..."

The city lord introduced the name of the food one by one. Some of the food is

familiar though cooked ingeniously while others have names I have never heard

before. Seeing that I am not eating the city lord urges me to have a taste. I

nod and gave the crepe a bite...

"Delicious!" I exclaimed in shock.

The crepe is sweet but not too sweet. It has creamy fillings that melt inside

my mouth. Never before have I tasted something so good.

"Hahahaha! I'm glad you liked it. Why don't you try the other food as well?"

the city lord laughed good-naturedly at my reaction and asked me to try the

other food.

Having tasted the crepe, I took the city lord's offer and tasted the other

delicacy one by one. And my reaction was amazing.

"These delicacies are amazing, who made them?" I asked the city lord after

cleaning the food on the table.

"It was introduced by a young and very promising adventurer named Kai who

hailed from the eastern continent. From what I heard those are delicacies

native to his home town, or so I was told," explained the city lord.

"Oh? From the eastern continent? Was he teleported here by accident?"

Hearing that the person in question is from the eastern continent, I asked the

city lord if he was accidentally teleported here by accident.

"That's exactly what happened. And as you figured out, he cannot return so he

decided to stay and become an adventurer. And speaking of the adventurer, he

is also part of the earth dragon subjugation party and played a large role to

its success," answered the city lord while adding some tidbits.

"Really? He must have been a powerful adventurer."

The city lord and I spoked for a while until the representative from the guild

arrives, a pretty woman called Lena.

I said my goodbye to the city lord while thanking him for letting me taste

those delectable delicacies. Exiting the city lord's mansion, Lena and I rode

a carriage to the adventurers guild.

To be continued...


Previous Chapters





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