The Legend of Kai:The Wolf Clan's Troubles (2)

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The Wolf Clan's Troubles (2)

Thunder roar!


H,help us!!!


Screams of terror could be heard coming from the wolf clan soldiers outside of the fox clan's town. The gatekeepers and soldiers from the fox clan could only stare at the spectacle with amazement.

When the soldiers from the wolf clan suddenly appeared out of nowhere, everyone panicked as they realized they are being invaded. Though the wolf clan soldiers only stood there unmoving, the people from the3 fox clan knew that it is only temporary and might attack at any moment. With their clan unprepare for an invasion, they knew that their chance of repelling the invaders is slim. Nonetheless, they could not show cowardice and could only stare at the invaders with wrath in their eyes.

But then, something unexpected happened.

The sky darkened and a huge, wolf-like creature appeared out of nowhere. Though unsure of the creature's level, they can feel that it possesses unbelievable power--making the already terrified fox clan soldiers to feel hopelessness. This is especially true considering that the creature has the image of a wolf--they thought that it's the wolf clan's guardian beast.

But reality is different from expectation. The wolf-like creature attacked the wolf clan soldiers by raining down lightning. Before long they could hear yelps and groans of pain. Not knowing at the sudden development, they soldiers from the fox clan could only stare at what happening with awe and fear. Not long after, the lightnings stopped,leaving the soldiers from the wolf clan groaning with pain--from the looks of it they are not dead. But though the injuries are not life-threatening, anyone could see that those men won't be able to move, not to mention fight for several weeks.

Then the wolf-like creature returned carrying what seems to be a person. The creature went to the fox clan's castle and turning smaller as it grows nearer.

Kyah! Baam!

Shiro dropped down the person he is carrying without care. Being treated so crudely, the person or rather the little girl with fox-ears let out a yelp of pain and fear.

"Master, I sensed the aura of the Gate from this little creature. I believe this little thing is the Gate user," Shiro declared.

"Uh... well done, Shiro," Kai praised while feeling a bit sorry for the wolf girl.

Having recieved the praise of his master, Shiro feels delightful. Kai then look at the little girl who's massaging her behind after her cruel treatment from Shiro. Noticing that someone is looking at her, she look up and her eyes meet Kai's. Seeing Kai, the wolf girl blushes a little but then noticed Shiro besides Kai, looking at her menacingly. Terified, the wolf girl let out a whimper and started shaking.

Realizing that the little girl might have been traumatized, Kai wanted to calm her but stopped himself after remembering that it was this girl who transfered the people of the wolf clan here. Hardening his heart, Kai spoke.

"What is your name?" Kai started.

The little wolf girl hesitated but after noticing Shiro's unfriendly gaze, answered.

"I'I'm Yuni," was her reply.

"Yuni is it? You are the one who opened the Gate from the wolf clan's territories to this place, am I correct?" Kai asked.

"Y'yes..." Yuni answered truthfully.

Kai nodded and asked Yuni to open another Gate from the here to the wolf clan territory.

Garudo, hearing Kai's order got a terrible feeling an tries to speak but Shiro, understanding his master's intent look at him and the soldiers from the wolf clan threateningly--silencing them.

"I'I can't! T,they'll get angry at Yuni!" Yuni vehemently refuses.

"Yuni, let me tell you something. Even if you don't open the Gate for me, I could just do it myself. But if that happened, the wolf clan might seize to exist," Kai answered with a frown. Of course, Kai is just threatening the wolf girl and will not really annihilate the wolf clan even if she refuses.

Everyone aside fro Shiro paled after hearing Kai's threat. Though they not knowing why, they got a feeling that Kai could actually do what he had just said.

To be continued...


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