The Legend of Kai: The Dark Forest (2)

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The Dark Forest (2)

"Could you please spare that child's life, adventurer from the foreign land?"

That was what the creature in front of me asked. I frown at what the creature said but not because of its request but rather by the fact that it knows that I'm from a foreign land--meaning it knows that I came from another continent.

First there is Yukina now this creature. It is as if everyone already knew that I'm a foreigner... how exasperating.

"Don't worry, I have no plan of killing this one. But could you answer a question of mine?" I told the creature that I have no plan of killing the mysterious cloaked person or that "child" as the creature put it.

"As long as it is within my knowledge, I would answer it," the creature promises.

"Don't worry, it's not a difficult question. I just wanted to know how you knew that I'm not a native?" I asked.

The creature was surprised at my question and then chuckled in amusement. It then told me that it has the ability to detect if a foreign power enters the continent. The creatures answer surprises me. For it to detect if a unknown power enters the continent is just absurd. I mean, it's the whole continent we are talking about and not just part of the land. Doesn't that mean it's power is greater than Yukina?

Then while I'm amazement, I suddenly realized something. Couldn't this creature help me find the demon king?

Yeah! Let's negotiate with it!

The creature notices the sudden change in my behavior and is alarmed. I could feel it tensing up. Noticing what I did, I control my excitement and quickly apologizes. Realizing that my behavior is unintentional, the creature relaxes.

"There is something I wanted to negotiate with you. But first, how about we introduced ourselves?" I proposes.

"Oh? How rude of me."

After saying so, the creature went out of the fog covering it. I was finally able to see its true appearance. The mysterious creature is actually huge white snake. Yes, a white snake. A snake possessing beautiful white scales and red eyes. It somehow reminds me of the a legend about a certain white snake. How interesting!

"I am Tenma of the Serpent clan... no the former serpent clan. My clan no longer exist you see," Tenma explained.

I was surprise after hearing that the white snake was from the serpent clan. I've heard about that clan. According from what I read about them, the serpent clan used to be one of the four primary clan with long history. But the one day the serpent clan lost its position and was almost annihilated by the clan that replaced it, the dragon clan. I also heard that there's very survivor from the serpent clan and those who are lucky enough to survive the destruction of their clan chooses to disperse and hide.

Could Tenma be one of its remnants?

"It seems that you've heard of us, young traveler. Knowing that people still remembers my clan somewhat makes me happy...," said Yukina while reminiscing.

After letting Tenma reminisce for a few seconds, I too, introduced myself. And without much ado. I started negotiating with Tenma--a remnant of the serpent clan.

To be continued...


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