The Legend of Kai: The Temple of Trials (3/3)

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The Temple of Trials (3/3)

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Destroying the last of the mechanical puppet, Kai sat down on the floor, dead tired.

"I don't care anymore..." Kai complained

Kai lost count on how many mechanical puppets he had destroyed. And despite his monstrous stamina, Kai finally reached his limits. But considering that he was teleported to fifteen battlefields, his current state is understandable.

"Hey, Ozma... how many more trials do I need to complete in order to pass?" Kai questioned after resting for a bit.

A disembodied head appeared in front of Kai and gave an answer that almost made Kai vomit blood.

"Actually, you've already passed after the 9th trial," it said

"What did you say?!? Then what's the point of the other six?" Kai yelled at Ozma in annoyance.

"Well, you're doing so well in the trial that I got carried away. I mean, just what are you? The temple of trial only had five masters after twenty-three thousand years. This should tell you how difficult the trial is. Yet you managed to pass it like it was nothing. As such, I got a little annoyed and added more trials with increased difficulty. I got pride too, you know?" Ozma

explained while avoiding Kai's gaze like a child caught lying.


"...Are you saying that you've increased the trials and the difficulty because you thought it was too easy for me? Are you fucking kidding me?!? I almost died several times you know!!"

Hearing the truth, Kai's temple twitches and started scolding Ozma. Despite what Ozma said, the trials were by no means easy. In reality, Kai almost died

twice if not for the fact that his mind is incredibly resilient thanks to his reincarnation. Though the damages he acquired are not real, the pain is transmitted straight to his brain. And if he's mind is a little weaker his psyche would have shattered, killing him in the process.


"Okay, that's enough. Since I've passed the trials, that means I'm the new master of the temple, yes?" sighing, Kai asked the most important question.

"That is correct! But you needed to complete a ritual first. Don't worry, you only need to leave a bit of sour psyche and the temple will be bonded to you, making you its master." Ozma answered.

"Is that so? Alright, let's do it!" Kai declared excitedly.

Kai was then teleported to the control room where he will perform the ritual.

After completing the said ritual, Kai officially becoming the new master of the Temple of Trials.

"This is the storage vault. It's a special vault that could only be accessed

by the temple master," Ozma explained as he showed Kai the third most important place in the temple. (The core and the control room is the 1st and 2nd respectively.)

"I see. How do I open it?" Kai asked.

"Simple, say 'enter' using your mind," answered Ozma.


Kai did what Ozma instructed and suddenly find himself inside a huge, white space. Inside the space are chests, and boxes stacked neatly on the floor.

There are also large compartments lined up by the sides.

"This many?" Kai was at awe by the number of items and treasures stored inside the storage vault.

"Impressive right? Aside from the original treasures here, many of the ones you see now are collected by the previous masters of the temple. Of course, the previous masters also took out some of them when they needed it." Ozma proudly explained.

Kai agreed that these treasures are impressive, not to mention priceless. With all this treasure, Kai is confident that he could expand Fenrir, not just as an adventurer team but an organization even. Heck, he could even create his own country if he wanted to.

After showing him the storage vault and explaining all of its functions, Ozma showed Kai the barracks where all the mechanical puppets are stored. The moment he entered the mechanical puppets bowed to him respectfully, to Kai's surprise.

And though these are just puppets, Ozma explained that every one of them has fearsome strength. The mechanical puppets are separated into three categories:

Lesser mechanical puppets (The most numerous/ soldiers)

Greater mechanical puppets (Elites and officers)

Supreme mechanical puppets (The strongest puppets)

The temple of trials have 10,000 active lesser puppets, One lesser puppet have strength similar to a B-rank adventurer. Meaning, Kai has 10,000 soldiers with B-rank strength at his disposal!

Then there are the greater mechanical puppets which number a hundred, But despite their small numbers, a greater mechanical puppet has the strength of an A-rank adventurer!

And lastly, the supreme mechanical puppets. There are the fewest, with only three of them. But they are the most powerful with each mechanical puppets possessing the power of an S-rank adventurer!

The strength of the supreme puppets almost gave Kai a heart attack. And feel fortunate that Ozma did not include a supreme puppet on the trials. But then again, Kai doubted that anyone could pass the trial if they are to face off against an S-rank opponent.

Kai finally understood how lucky he was upon discovering the Temple of Trials. The mechanical puppets alone are worth the effort of passing the trials.

Having calmed down, Kai asked Ozma if he could bring other people to the temple of which Ozma replied that everything depends on the temple master's will. Basically, he could do anything he desires and brings as many people as he wanted.

Having gotten his confirmation, a new plan was hatched in Kai's mind. Therefore, he returned to Ark later that night.

To be continued...


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