The Legend of Kai: A New Beginning (2/3)

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A New Beginning (2/3)

"What the hell!" Kaidu jumped after hearing the mysterious voice that suddenly appeared on his head.

He looked around but saw no one. Confused, Kaidu thought that he is just hearing things when all of the sudden...

[Congratulation for killing the enemy Common Slime! The host received the skill 'Absorb']

[Skill Explanation: Absorb allows the user to absorb an enemy's life force, restoring the users own health and mana in the process.]

"Holy $h!7! It's that voice again!" Kaidu exclaimed but this time he is less surprise.

Realizing that the voice was coming from inside his head, Kaidu wonders if this is one of those so called "System" that had been a common trope in novels and anime.

"Wow! I thought that the god of reincarnation did not give me anything but just threw me into this unfamiliar world. I'm sorry for doubting you god!" Kaidu clapped his hands in prayer and thanked the god of reincarnation for his gift.

After thanking the god of reincarnation, Kaidu tries to communicate with the "System".

"Uh, hello System-san! Do you have some time?" Kaidu greeted the System and waited for a response.

A moment later the mysterious voice was heard again.

[How could I be a service to you, host?] The mysterious voice asked.

"It worked!" Kaidu yelled excitedly.

Knowing that he have one of those "System", Kaidu could not help but he excited and laughed like a madman.

[... Sensing the host's mental state is in heightened state of excitement. The host received passive skill "Calm". Passive skill "Calm" automatically used.]

[Skill Explanation: Calm is a passive skill that will automatically activates the whenever the user suffers from mental attacks such as Fear, Confusion, Excitement, etc,.]

With the help of the passive skill "Calm", Kaidu manages to calm down.

"Uh, what? System, did I suffer from a mental attack?" Kaidu asked while observing his surroundings but no matter where he looked he could not see an enemy.

[The host did not suffer a mental attack but your earlier state of heightened excitement is considered as such.] The System answered.

"Huh? Wait, does that mean I couldn't get excited?" Kaidu asked worriedly.

[Negative. The host could still feel excitement but whenever it reaches a certain threshold, "Calm" will automatically activates.] The System explained.

"Whew! It's fine then. I'm worried that I'll become a block of wood that could not feel any emotion." Kaidu sighed in relief.

"By the way System, are a gift from the god of reincarnation?" Kaidu asked.

[Affirmative. I was bestowed upon the host the moment you reincarnated into this world but was only able to awakened the moment the host uses mana for the first time.]

"Mana?" Kaidu contemplated, he then remembered that the tree branch he uses earlier suddenly gave a glow when he attacked.

[The host's thought is correct. I did awakened when you accidentally channel your mana into the tree branch] The System confirmed as if reading Kaidu's mind.

"So that's it! By the way System are you reading my mind?" Kaidu exclaimed, he then and then asked the system something that worried him.

[Affirmative. I can indeed read the host's mind but that's because we are one entity.] The System affirmed.

"Wait! Does that mean I have no privacy whatsoever?!" Kaidu questioned.

"Affirmative." The System answered.

"Whaaattttt!?!?! Noooooooo!!!!!!!" Kaidu wailed to the heaven.


Kaidu calmed down moments later after his passive skill "Calm" was activated.

"Forget it... I guess you gain some and lose some..." Kaidu sighed as he accepted the fact that he could not have any privacy for the rest of his life.

Kaidu then asked the question that bugged him from the beginning.

"By the way System, what world am I right now." He asked.

[You're in a world called Fenterra. A world whose system and natural laws are fundamentally different from that of Earth. For example, the host could use magic, runes, and other mystical abilities not possible on Earth. There are also monsters, demons, and other mystical beings that only exist as legends back on Earth.] The System explained.

[Great! Wait, System does that mean there are other humanoid races here like elves, and dwarves too?] Kaidu hurriedly asked.


"Yes!" Kaidu exclaimed excitedly after getting his confirmation.

After asking the System several questions, Kaidu asked a very important question that concerned him from the very beginning.

"So, what should I do from here on System?"

To be continued...


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