The Legend of Kai: Serpent Hunting (2)

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Serpent Hunting (2)






Damn it!! Who is attacking us!?!?!?


I need a damn report!

Explosions and screams of pain filled the area around a certain mansion as I unleashed magic upon magic on the confused members of Hydra.

The said mansion is one of Hydra's hidden base. It is owned by a noble of the Kingdom of Sann and the city of Jillan just happened to be near that noble's territory. Of course the said territory also suffered from the monster tides but that's just a facade to avoid suspicions.

I received all of the information from the mysterious man that is responsible for the monster tides in Jillan and after thoroughly investigating the said information, I found out that everything he told us is real. Once the information was verified, I started my attack.

I used the same tactics I used with the 8th head of Hydra. That is, I sowed confusion by disguising myself multiple times so that the people that would see me will think that several strong individuals are attacking and not just one person.

The plan worked as intended and now everyone inside and outside the mansion are in a state of chaos. I could have done it in a more straightforward way but I decided that it is more effective this way. After all I was trying to hide the facts that Fenrir and I were responsible for the attacks.

I'm not doing it because I fear Hydra or anything but rather it's too troublesome if I get more attention than we already had.

Anyway, I secretly entered the mansion while leaving several illusions of my disguised self. The infiltration went without a hitch. probably because I timed my attack when most of the members of hydra were out for missions or such. Basically, there are pretty small numbers of Hydra members inside the mansion. Fortunately, one of the eight heads (seven now after defeating one of them) is present--saving me the trouble of hunting him down.

At a secret hall inside the mansion.

Sir, I'm here to report!

A man entered the secret hall to report to another man with long blonde hair. The blonde-haired man is one of the eight heads of hydra and the person responsible for the monster tides. At one glance he looks like a typical handsome nobleman but the sharpness in his eyes could not be hidden.

But that handsome face is currently frowning. The sudden attack is out of his expectation. Worse still it happened when the majority of his subordinates were out doing missions for him.

"Have you found out the identity of the attackers?" The blonde Hydra leader asked.

"Sir, there are nine people currently attacking us. There faces are unfamiliar but they possessed incredible magic and skills. Everyone that tries to attack them are quickly annihilated," The scout reported.

"Just nine people? Are you certain?" The Blonde leader asked again.

"There's no mistake. We've gotten the information through countless sacrifices from our men," the scout said firmly.

"Nine people... Could they be the ones responsible for Elric's death?" The man mumbled to himself.

Everyone heard the blonde leader's mumble and started shivering. Everyone in the room are aware what happened to one of the eight heads, Elric. How he's plan to cause a coup failed and how he and his men are annihilated by a mysterious force. And from the looks of it, they are next...

The people inside the hall looked at one another worriedly. The blonde leader, named Felix saw this and scolded his people in anger.

"What are you all so afraid of? Do you really believed that nine people is enough to annihilate us? How disgraceful! You are form Hydra so show some courage," Felix shouted firmly.

Hearing his scolding everyone inside the hall calmed down. That's right. They are from Hydra. They are the ones that's should be causing fear to people and not the other way around!

Felix nodded his head in satisfaction after seeing that his scolding have the intended effect. But before he could celebrate he heard an unfamiliar voice.

"How disappointing. I was hoping to see you guys tremble in terror of an unknown enemy. But I guess that's impossible now," I said in a slightly disappointed voice.

"Who's there!" Felix yelled.

Felix and the others searches for the mysterious person and saw the disguised me standing at a corner looking at them with disdain. Everyone draw their weapons, ready to attack at a moments notice.

"You. How did you find this place?" Felix who looked agitated just a moment ago asked me in a firm voice.

"How? I just followed that guy over there," I answered pointing at the scout who reported earlier.

The scout paled hearing what I've said. He must have been terrified after realizing that he was followed by the enemy without noticing anything.

The others men inside the hall looked at the scout with scornful and blaming eyes. The said scout cold only lower his head in shame after knowing that he was used to lead the enemy to this place.

Felix though surprised quickly recovered. He did not blame the scout for he too did not realized that another person is present inside the hall. If the mysterious man did not speak he might still be unaware of his presence. That's how terrifying this mysterious man is.

Such a dangerous opponent. He could not allow such a person to live this hall alive!

To be continued...


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