The Legend of Kai: Aftermath (Rudra's POV)

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Aftermath (Rudra's POV)

Rudra's POV

The war is finally over. But it concluded so fast that I still have a hard time

accepting this fact. Honestly, I thought it would last a lot longer.

I mean... we are fighting the demon king's army after all.

Of course, I'm not saying this because I am unsatisfied that the war is over--

I'm actually relieved, to be honest. Rather, I'm just shocked at how fast the war

concluded. And it is all because of him.

Yeah, I'm referring to Kai.

from the very first time I set my eyes on him, I knew that he is beyond

ordinary. But seeing what he is truly capable still shocked me to the core.

It's hard to believe that a human like him existed. No, rather, it's hard to

accept someone who is not the hero is that capable. And I'm not the only one with such thought...

Since the war is over, the dragon race's forces will have to return to our country. We cannot stay on a foreign land after all. Before that though, I was tasked in investigating the dungeon that appeared in the earth dragon's territory. I'm not alone though. The other forces of the alliances also sent their own people to investigate.

The result of the investigation? Nothing.

The miasma that covered the place is now gone. Everyone can now safely enter the area even without Kai's talisman. What a relief.

The dungeon also turned into a regular dungeon where monsters lived and roam. With the demon king gone, the monsters returned to normal. Of course, by normal, it means that they become normal dungeon monsters.

It seemed that Ark has profited greatly in this war. With their own dungeon, adventurers and thrill-seekers can try their luck inside the dungeon. It means, great income for the city and the kingdom as a whole.

After confirming that everything returned to normal, we exit the dungeon and with the help of Kai, the alliance army was able to return to their swiftly.

I too returned with the elders and my comrade but not before saying goodbye to Kai and his friends. I invited them to visit Dragonia if they have time. And to my delight, Kai readily agreed. I cannot wait to show him around when he visited.

Days passed after I returned to my clan. With the war over, I returned to my regular duty--basically, everything returned to normal.

One day though, I received a summon from the dragon council. At first, I thought they would give me another task. But to my surprise, they simply asked me questions.

What the question is all about? Most of it actually concerned Kai.

Some questions are quite normal. But then the questioned turned "strange".

What do I mean by "strange", you asked?

Will, they asked me what I think of Kai. How close our relationship is. But the last one is the clincher--they asked me if about marriage!

By the ancestors! Are they implying that I marry Kai?

I blushed after they asked me that question and cannot reply. Seeing my reaction, those annoying relics looked really amused. How annoying!

Do they think they can play with a maiden's heart just like that? I pouted to show my dissatisfaction but the old cots simply laughed at me! Some even called me adorable--how unbelievable!

Ugh! I cannot believe I acted so childish in front of the elders. How embarrassing...

Still, when they finally asked me how I felt about a possible union between me and Kai, I failed to answer. Not because I don't want to but rather, because my mind went blank.

Me, and Kai getting married? I really don't know what to think. I understand the question and the implication behind it. But I just don't know what to think.

Do I like Kai?

Asking that question to myself, I surprisingly find out that the answer is actually yes. But I have no idea what to do. True, I'm very good at what I do as an ambassador of the dragon race. And can be considered an expert at socializing in society. But if we talk about things like interpersonal relationship, for example, dating. I actually have zero experience!

As such the elders' question stumped me.

Fortunately, the elders did not rush me and gave me time to think about it. I was given a few days to think. And, in all honesty, I needed it...

A day later, I got a visitor. It was Inna--a good friend of mine. Inna also fought in the war and she too meets Kai. Like me, she has a good impression of him. I actually asked Inna to visit me because I wanted someone of my age to talk to.

I told her about the meeting with the elders and the questions they asked me. Like me, she is surprised at first. But after comprehending the elder council's reasoning, fall into deep thought.

She then started asking me her own questions. Those questions are rather personal and I was embarrassed at first. But after a while, things turn out smoothly. Thanks to Inna's help, I was finally able to come to a decision.

But then, Inna declared something I did not expect. And that she too, wanted to pursue Kai!

To be continued...


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