The Legend of Kai: The Shadowy Serpent Moves (4)

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The Shadowy Serpent Moves (4)

Somewhere in the kabbal's capital, a group of men cloaked in black enters an undamaged building. The said building belongs to a trading company that specializes in rare goods and spice. In actuality, this is just a front as the building is actually one of Hydra's base.

After losing the war a long time ago, Hydra was forced to hide and scatter through out the whole continent. The eight heads or the eight leaders of that time secretly established bases to gather power and wealth. One of those bases is in Kabbal, or the old kingdom before Kabbal was established.

The name of the trading company is the Willow Snake and becomes one of Kabbal's biggest trading company. The long accumulation of wealth helps hydra recovered. Hence, the current situation.

Inside the building, merchants and employee's are busy scurrying around. This people are just regular people and are worried that the coup will affect their business. Looking at the surface, the scene looks natural and expected. But the scene below, or underground is different. One of the eight heads of Hydra have a solemn expression as he listened to the reports of the spies. The more he hears, the darker his expressions become.

Currently, the situation on the surface is not ideal for him and Hydra. The rebels are being pushed back by the forces of the kingdom and even with their aid, the opposing forces remained in a stalemate. The kingdom's army by itself is not an issue but the adventurers and mercenaries hired is causing them great troubles. And even among this adventurers is a certain party that they cannot overwhelm.

The party in question is Fenrir, the same Fenrir that fought with the demon king's army. Of course the head already expected their participation as Fenrir is a famous party of adventurers and their fame makes them a household name. Obviously the king of Kabbal would have heard of them and would surely hire after the news of the coup was leaked. What he did not expect however is the party's strength. Every members of Fenrir that came are either A-rank or B-rank. And even though they are only several dozens of them, their individual strength and cooperation is frightening.

The only silver lining in the situation is that there leader, the monstrously powerful Kai, did not come. But then that is expected. The kingdom of Kabbal doesn't have enough money to hire an adventurer of his caliber. Still, the situation is looking grim and eight head, Elric is by no way pleased.

"Are you saying that several individuals are annihilating the groups we've hidden to secretly aid the rebels?"

Elric's expression turned grimmer as he heard a certain report. The report about some skilled individuals causing troubles for Hydra infuriates him greatly. Those groups are actually elites from Hydra and everyone possessed great skills. But before they could show off those skills they faced this monstrous individuals, experiencing defeat after defeat!

Is there more frustrating than having your plans foiled? Plans that took years, nay, decades in the making? Even for someone like Elric who is known for his patient inside the organization, what's happening to his plan is truly frustrating.

"Those bastards! They better not let me catch them or they're gonna experience things worse than death!"

No one spoke in fear of being singled out and punished. Every person inside the room simply lowers their heads and wait as their leader curses. Of course, their are also people who could not read the mood. For example; a certain personnel who suddenly barged in to report.

"Leader, someone is attacking the us!" a man yelled after kicking the door open.

Veins appeared on Elric's temple. But as he is about to scold the said personnel, he heard a loud explosion after that the door shattered, scattering debris anywhere!

To be continued...


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