The Legend of Kai: The Mysterious Miasma (3)

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The Mysterious Miasma (3)

"Get ready, they are here!" Kai warned with a solemn expression

Everyone except Kai temporarily stiffened the moment they heard the terrifying roar. Though they did not see what type of monster that let out the roar, they could still feel its terrifying presence and power.

"Impossible!" Maluk exclaimed in shock.

"This power..." Orias said with a frown

"We might have underestimated this mission," Rudra sighed as she prepares herself for the intense battle.

Guild master Guido could only smile wryly at their luck. Though he has prepared himself for the possibility, the thought that they are going to face an S-class monster made Guido depressed.

"Hah... I should have prepared a will, but I guess it's too late for that. At the very least, I hope one of us survive here and report the whole situation," said Alfred as if to prepare himself for the impending doom.

Seeing their reactions and hearing what they're saying, Kai tilts his head in confusion.

"What are you all being depressed for? It's just an S-class monster, so why is everyone here thinking that they are going to die or something?" Kai asked without masking his disappointment.


Maluk, upon hearing Kai's questioned gets triggered and yelled at Kai.

"Are you an idiot? It's an S-class monster! Do you even know what an S-class even mean?"

Rudra wanted to stop Maluk from continuing as any conflict in their current situation could make their situation worse but is left speechless after hearing Kai's reply.

"S-class? Of course, I know what S-class mean but so what? I've fought several S-class opponents before and is aware just how strong they are. But I also know that they are beatable. Even an S-class monster is no different from slime or goblin once restrained," Kai answered calmly.

Maluk and the other's eyes almost popped out after hearing what Kai's reply.

"You fought... an S-class monster before? No wait, you said several.

Does that mean you've fought not just one S-class opponent and won?" Guild master Guido asked dumbly.

Kai nodded and explained that the reason his level could rise so fast is that he often fought with opponents 10 levels or more higher than himself. Everyone was left speechless after hearing Kai's admittance. To think that there is someone that is crazy enough to fight against an opponent with more than 10 level difference.

"Y,you're insane!" Maluk stuttered and looked at Kai as if he is a monster.

Kai ignored Maluk and told everyone to focus on the incoming monsters. He told them that they just needed to face the other monsters and leave the S-class monster to him. Saying so, Kai disappeared and before long everyone could hear a fierce battle not too far away. Unfortunately, the miasma is preventing them from seeing anything.

Though extremely curious to know what's happening, they could not go to Kai's location without defeating the incoming wave of monsters.

"Damn it!"

Maluk hacked an incoming monster while cursing Kai in his mind. rudra and the others are also occupied with the monsters and could not go to Kai's location. The only thing that they could do was kill the monsters as fast as they could.

But the number of monsters did not make it easy. Not to mention that there are also several A-class monsters present. Fortunately, most of them with the exception of Alfred are A-class themselves. And even Alfred is pulling his own weights and is battling B-class monsters with ferocity. As a knight, Alfred could not allow the adventurers and dragonoid to do all of the fightings.

The battle was very fierce but the expedition team is not letting up. On the contrary, they actually have the upper hand despite their smaller number. Or rather, it's because aside from the initial wave of monsters, the other monsters were unable to reinforce their brethren for some reason.

"Could it be? Is Kai preventing the other monsters from attacking us?" Rudra thought, feeling incredulous.

Before long the remaining monsters are all killed and everyone could finally take a breather.

"Hey, have you noticed? The monsters have no reinforcement," Inna asked Orias.

"Indeed. And it's very strange,"

Orias nodded.

"Let's just ask him," Altos pointed at a certain direction.

Everyone looked at where Altos is pointing and was able to see two silhouettes walking to their direction. Before long, Kai and Shiro emerge from the miasma. They could see that Kai is unharmed and Shiro is carrying a huge monster with a human torso and arms but with the head and the lower body of a serpent in its mouth.

"That's a snake man?" Guild master Guido said after seeing the monster.

"It's a snake man indeed but its much bigger than the ones I've seen... I see! It's a snake man king!"

Orias was first calm after seeing the snake man but once he realized what it is, his calm disappeared and could not help but exclaimed out loud.

"What?! You mean the strongest of the snake man species?"

Even the usually stern Altos faltered after hearing what Orias said.

"Is the snake man King that special?" Alfred asked after seeing how agitated the two dragonoid are.

"As its title suggest, the snake man king is the king of the snake men. Only those who reached S-class can be called that," Orias explained.


Knowing the truth, everyone looked at the approaching Kai and Shiro with wariness. Seeing the two returned with the corpse of the snake man king told them one thing, Kai has the power to fight and even kill an S-class monster!

To be continued...


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