The Legend of Kai: The Monster Tide (3)

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The Monster Tide (3)

I saw an expensive looking carriage surrounded by a large group of people that looks to be bandits. These bandits(?) are all wielding weapons and there purpose is obvious for all to see. On the side being attacked are men wearing armor. These armor-wearing men are either knights or guards. They are protecting the carriage but from the look of things they are being overwhelmed. Some of the knights or guards are on the ground, either dead or wounded.

I'm curious who are the people inside the expensive carriage but I should help them for now and ask later. Due to my circumstances, I cannot show my real face so I disguised myself as a magician. I took a staff out of my inventory and attacked the bandits(?) with ice magic.

The bandits(?) started panicking after receiving an attack without warning. The knights or guards guarding the carriage were also startled at the unexpected help. But one of them (perhaps the leader?) took advantage of the situation by ordering a counter attack. With a mysterious magician on the back and knights/guards on the front, the tide of battle changed. Before long the leader of the bandits(?) issued an order for retreat but not before giving me a threatening look. It seemed that he is trying to remember the person who foiled their plan.

I'm actually being threatened. How cute and pointless.

After the bandits(?) retreated, the leader(?) of the knights/guards came forward to thank me.

"Thank you for your help, stranger. We would have been done in without your aid," the leader(?) said.

"It's nothing. I just happened to be in the area and decided to help after understanding what's happening," I explained.

"It exactly for that reason that I am thankful. If others were in your shoes they would have looked the other way," The leader(?) said gratefully.

"I see. But still..."

I looked at the fallen knights/guards, gesturing that my aid did not come sooner. The leader(?) also looked at the fallen knights/guards sadly but told me that they had fulfilled their jobs splendidly and that i do not need to feel guilty. The others also agreed with the leader(?) and thanked me profusely.

"By the way, who are the people inside the carriage and how did you fall in your current situation?" I asked, curious of the identities of the people inside the carriage.

"Ah! I almost forgot!"

The leader(?) quickly went near the carriage after remembering his duty he asked if they are okay. I heard him calling them "mistress" and "miss", which tells me that they are his employee. Along with the expensive carriage, the knights/guards and the crest on the carriage, it's easy to tell that the people inside are at the very least nobles.

"I'm fine, don't worry."

I heard and woman's voice and the door of the carriage opened. A woman in maid outfit exits the carriage, followed by a noble-looking woman and a young girl.

"Mistress, please go back inside. It's not safe yet. There might still be enemies lurking around," the leader of the knights/guards urges the woman to return inside the carriage.

"That might be so but it would be rude of us to not thanks our savior properly," the noble lady argued.


Though understanding his mistress's reasoning, the knight leader is still troubled as it it his job to ensure their safety.

"Please don't worry. I've checked the surrounding there are neither people or monsters lurking nearby," I explained trying to ease the situation.

"Is that so? then that's good," said the noble lady cheerfully.

Though the knight leader still looked troubled he did not complain anymore after I assured them that there's no longer any danger. I thought that he would argue more considering I'm a stranger. But somehow he trusted my words. Maybe because I came to their rescue?

The noble lady introduced herself as Helen the wife of this territory's lord and the young girl is introduced as Ellen, her daughter. Helen and Ellen, huh? SInce they are mother and daughter their names sounded alike?

Anyway, I introduced myself as Henry, a traveling magician. I also explained that the reason I came to this territory was because I heard about the monster tide and that the landlord is hiring people to defend the territory.

Hearing my reason, everyone looked visibly relieved. And everyone treated me a lot friendlier. I guess they are happy that someone of my level is lending his strength to fight off the monster wave.

After that I was invited to their residence to receive my reward for saving them. Since i also need to gather information, I accepted their invitation.

To be continued...


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