The Legend of Kai: Hydra Losses A Head

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Hydra Losses a Head

Slowly, Elric stood up. He swept away the debris covering him. Once the dust settled, Elric's sorry figure could be seen. His injury isn't light and he stared at me with eyes full of hatred.

"This strength... just who the hell are you! There's no way that you are someone unknown!"

Elric snapped at me with bloodshot eyes. Of course, I have no plan of answering him, therefore, I decided to stay silent.

"Not plan on answering me, huh? FIne! Keep your secret to your grave!" Elric declared as his body started glowing menacingly.

I looked at him as his body glows with menacing light. I did not move and simply allow him to complete his preparation. The sane thing to do would have been to stop him before he could complete whatever he is planning. But in respect for his power, I decided to just watch. Of course, it's not like I did not do anything at all. In reality, I've already separated this room, sending it in a separate space or another dimension using the spell << Dimensional Cube >>, a spell I've bought from the SP shop not long ago. As the name suggested, it's a spell that creates a cube that will send anything it touches into an empty dimension.


Elric roared in pain and fury and I could see black scales appearing on his skin. Then a single horn grew out of his forehead and his eyes changed to that of a snake.

"A transformation, is it? This is going to be interesting!"

My expression became savage after seeing Elric's transformation. I could tell that his strength increased exponentially.

"This is going to be! But bring it on!" I declared.

The now transformed Elric looked at me with ferocious expression. His killing intent imminent.

"You are going to regret allowing me to complete my transformation," Elric said with a growl.

"Is that so? Hopefully you're not just all talk," I answered with a smirk.


Elric dashes at me with speed almost impossible to follow. In response, I used a skill << Superhuman Senses >> allowing me to follow his movements.

After using Superhuman Senses, everything around me become slow, and I easily parried Elric's attack.

Seeing how I parried his attack, Elric's eyes widened in shock. despite that though, Elric did not let up and attack me with punches and kicks shrouded in the same dark glow that covered his body while transforming. Using a quick << Appraisal >>, I managed to know what those menacing light is capable off.

The glow covering Elric's fist and feet are super sharp energy-based blades that could cut almost anything. If I'm not careful, his attacks could seriously wound me. Of course, I'm not only evading and defending, I'm also counter-attacking whenever I have the chance. Though Elric became stronger and faster after transforming, my countless skills allows me to have the upper hand. Beside, the skill he is using is also dangerous to him. I could tell that he cannot use that skill for a very long time. I guess this is the reason he's so mad at me. I did forced him to use his trump card after all.


Elric used a powerful attack after noticing that I'm slightly pre-occupied. But i managed to evade it like it was nothing. Seeing the repeated failure of his attacks, Elric started becoming frustrated and his attacks are becoming force.

"I guess it's time to end this. Elric was it? Its been fun but... this is goodbye!"



Elric face that painted in shock looked at me. "How did you do it?" He asked.

"Sorry..." I answered.

I watched as Elric's upper body slowly slides and falls to the ground. In his face is an expression that told anyone that he could not believe ewhat happened...

To be continued...


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