The Legend of Kai: Fighting The Dungeon Master (1)

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Fighting The Dungeon Master (1)

Seeing the members of Hydra stopping Talban and the other from leaving, Kai could only shake his head at these people's foolish decision. He doesn't know where these people getting their confidence but fighting several S-class or near S-class combatants was a foolish decision. One must not forget that Talban and the others are high ranking and veteran adventurers. One could not become such a renown adventurer without the skills and power to back up their fame!

To Kai, these members of Hydra are seeking death for stopping Talban and the others from leaving. If Kai is their leader, he would surely beat these guys for their stupidity!

Kai's group and the members of Hydra stared at each other intensely. Ritter on the other hand finally realizes his mistake and could not help but have a dark expression.

Why did he stop these adventurers from leaving? As one of Hydra's head, he was very aware that S-class adventurers are not to be messed with! For him to make such a stupid mistake is an affront to his status as one of the heads!

Unfortunately, the die had been cast and he could only face the consequences of his decision...

"Sorry about this you guys. The quest should have been completed once the labyrinth was fully explored. What happen next should have nothing to do with any of you. Unfortunately, the other side doesn't seemed to be too smart. To think that they would actually stop S-class adventurers like you guys from leaving," Kai said while shaking his head.

Talban and the others could only smile wryly at Kai's statement. Kai did not even lower his voice from while speaking--obviously, he wanted the other side to hear what he said.

Hearing Kai's statement, the other members of Hydra finally realized their mistake. Upon giving it a deeper thought, they realized that stopping these adventurers from leaving was a foolish decision! Realizing these, their faces could not help but redden in embarassment! They let anger and pride took over their heads, know they are going to face additional foes!

The other two heads of Hydra look at each other and then look at Ritter. Their eyes are asking him what the hell is he thinking. Ritter noticing his colleague's accusing eyes, could not help but have a very ugly expression. Though he was not the one who gave the order to stop the adventurers, those people are actually his subordinates, as such, their mistakes reflects on his leadership skills.

"Who cares if their are more of you? This labyrinth is my territory! In here I am a god, so don;t even think of getting here alive!" Since Ritter had already rode the tiger's back, getting down would be very difficult, as such he could only stand on his decision!

Ritter's statement became the signal to start the fight. Talban and the rest, took the initiative and attacked without warning! In a fight, the one who strikes first would have the advantage!

With a swing of his huge hammer, the dwarf Talban sent several members of Hydra flying! Talban knew that being surrounded is never good so he quickly dispatch some of the enemies to break the encirclement!

Ahnari would not let Talban have all of the fun, her bows never let out flurry of arrows--scaring the crap out of the lower ranked members of Hydra! Simon is also showing his skills, his two daggers dances in the air and blood scattered with every swing of his hands!

Ritter, seeing that the situation was disadvantageous to their group, quickly summoned powerful monsters to help his subordinates and stop the adventurers momentum! Of course, Kai would not allow such a thing to happen, he along with Kuran and Isaac, made their moves!

Skills after skills of flew like there's no tomorrow--annihilating the summoned monsters in an instant! The two other heads, accompanying Ritter also made their moves after seeing that Ritter and his gang getting in hot water. Hydra paid a heavy price just to set up this trap, as such they could not allow everything to fall apart in a moment of carelessness!

Nonetheless, they knew that the momentum of the battle is no longer but as long as they are given a bit of time, they could reverse the whole situation. Fortunately, They are inside Ritter's labyrinth, and inside it, Ritter could do many things. But Ritter's power requires time to use. This is the reason why the two of them are here. They just needed to stall some time and victory is almost assured!

But would Kai allow them to succeed? Obviously not!

Kai, upon noticing that Ritter was about to summon boss monsters, quickly uses a short-distance teleportation and teleported behind Ritter's group! Kai's sudden appearance greatly surprised the others. They wanted to protect Ritter but Kai would not give them the chance!

Sword glowing, Kai uses <> on Ritter's unprotected back!

To be continued...


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