The Legend of Kai: Fighting The Dungeon Master (2)

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Fighting The Dungeon Master (2)

"Watch out!!!" One of Ritter's subordinates could not help but shout in horror after seeing Kai's attack. His other companion also wanted to save him but cannot as they are not fast enough. When they thought that Ritter is going to die, wall of light appeared around him, stopping Kai's attack from reaching him!


Though the attack was stopped, the wall of light also shattered in the process! Ritter took advantage of the situation and quickly flee from Kai. Pale-faced and drenched in sweat, Ritter looked at Kai with dread.

Kai on the other hand could not help but frown at the failure of his attack. He looked at Ritter curiously and spoke, "quite the interesting artifact you have there. It seemed that you guys went all out! Getting such artifact must have been difficult," he said.

Ritter was alarmed by this but he did not show it on his face. "That's right! Hmph! Do you think it's that easy to kill me? You're not sufficient!" Ritter's declaration was full of arrogance but no one said anything about it. Kai's last attack was extremely terrifying but Ritter manages to survive it. It it were other people, he/she would have been dead already!

Kai simply smiled at this declaration, he can create artifact too, and new that artifact of this level have limit to its number of uses. The more powerful the artifact is, the fewer the time it could be used!

"Really now? How many times could you still use it then?" Kai teases, knowing full well that Ritter was just blustering earlier.

"!!!" Ritter slightly trembled at Kai's question but he is still one of Hydra's head so he was able to control his emotions and defiantly answered, "why don't you try for yourself?"

Hearing the conversation between the two, the others could not help but sigh with emotion. A defensive artifact of this magnitude is not easy to come by. Even if one have the money to buy one, it would still be useless since there's just no market for it! Think about it? Would you sell something that could save your life in time of danger? No, only a fool would do so!

Talban and the other adventurers heart grew heavy after knowing that Ritter have such a powerful artifact in his possession. Being a dungeon master and even possessiong such a powerful defensive artifact, Ritter is almost untouchable!

"Can you stop boasting already? Others might not be aware but I know that you could only use that artifact twice or thrice!" Kai ignored Ritter's gloating and revealed the time the artifact could be used! "Now then, I would be attacking again. Prepare yourself!"

Kai's declaration of attacking again alarmed Ritter and quickly summoned monsters to attack Kai. He could only summon weak monsters since he needed a bit more time to summon the stronger ones. But that's enough for him, Ritter only needed to delay Kai even for a few seconds!

Ritter's subordinate also went forward to fight Kai and buy time for Ritter to summon his strongest monsters. They now knew that this seemingly ordinary young man is terrifyingly powerful! They must stop him at all cost or none of them would be able to survive this encounter! Not even the other two heads of Hydra dare to belittle Kai, and also went forward to attack!

Of course, Kai's companions are no decorations either. So they quickly went to intercept the attackers and allowing Kai to deal with Ritter. They are aware that Kai possessed the strongest attacking force among them since he could shatter the wall of light created by Ritter's defensive artifact!

The battle quickly heats up with neither side wanting to give the other side to chance to take the momentum!

To be continued...


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