The Legend of Kai: Monster Invasion (1)

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Monster Invasion (1)

A week passed since Kai found the Temple of Trial, an ancient temple of the lost Karnic civilization. Having become the temple's new master, Ozma urged Kai to give the temple a new name. Therefore, Kai asked the girls' opinion. After a bit deliberation, the quartet finally decided on the name for their new home--naming it Fenrir's Den. Considering that it was to be their team's secret base, the name is quite fitting.

To make traveling to their new home easier, Kai and Ozma created a gate that would connect their home in Ark with Fenrir's Den. This gate will allow the three girls to enter and exit the temple even without Kai's help. To protect the temple from being invaded by unwanted guess, Ozma created a mechanism that will prevent non-members from using the gate. With such measure, Kai and his team will have a safe haven to run to if in-case of emergencies.

Having settled everything, Kai begins tackling his objectives of investigating the earth dragon's sudden exodus while mapping Ark's territories while traveling. He also keeps his eyes open for hidden treasures and ancient ruins. Unfortunately, he has no such luck as he found none of the sorts. But he did manage to gather a large number of rare herbs and minerals. He also encountered several powerful monsters and gain a decent amount of experience and loot, so his time was not wasted.

Finally, after an eventful journey, Kai finally found the earth dragon's territory: Meldew Forest.

"This is..."

Kai stared at the dangerous looking miasma in front of him. As he went deeper to the forest, the notices that the miasma getting thicker and it becomes harder to navigate even with the help of the system map, not to mention that the miasma itself is very dangerous, considering that it possesses strong corrosive effect. The only reason Kai was able to go as far as he did is because of his maxed out all of his passive resistance skills. Yet despite all of that, he still felt that going any deeper is suicidal.

"I guess, I can't do this alone. I need to some people to assist me... but who?"

Seeing that he could not complete his mission without assistance, Kai decided to turn back and do a more thorough preparation.

While Kai's thinking what to do, an unexpected event occurred in the neighboring kingdom of Goeth. Several days ago, some adventurers discover what seemed to be a dungeon. Upon entering the dungeon, they are attacked by powerful monsters and was almost annihilated with only three people in the team of ten surviving. The three survivors quickly reported the incident to the local adventurers guild who in response sent several teams of powerful adventurers to cordon the area and prevent people from entering the dungeon and having themselves killed. The guild response was quick and decisive and prevented additional deaths.

Meanwhile, the local adventurers guild sent representatives to meet the king and discuss what to do with the newly discovered dungeon. Aware of the benefits and danger of the dungeon, the king cooperates with the guild to explore the dungeon. Upon receiving the request from the kingdom, the guild issued a quest for large dungeon exploration and offered a large reward as compensation. To prevent unnecessary deaths, the guild stated that only B-rank and higher adventurers are allowed to take the quest.

Several powerful adventurer teams registered having been tempted by the reward and set off quickly for the dungeon after receiving the quest. Everything seemed to be going well until...



"What's going on?!?"

"This is not happening!!!"

Screams and curses of the adventurers filled a part of the dungeon after several teams of adventurers encountered several strange and powerful monsters. Despite their preparations, the adventurers who took the quest was woefully unprepared for what awaited them inside the dungeon. Firstly, the layout of the dungeon was confusing and dark. Secondly, the traps are many and most deadly. But the real clincher is the sheer number and the absurd level of the monsters that populate the dungeon.

Left with no choice the leader of the adventurers who lead the exploration decided to retreat. Yet despite their valiant efforts, more than 40% of the adventurers lost their lives on the dungeon. One of the worst loss in the history of the adventurers guild.

But the bad news did not stop there, the surviving adventurers bear news that chilled everyone's heart--the monsters are leaving the confine of the dungeon and are invading the surface!

The news quickly reached the king who quickly ordered the army to seal the dungeon and prevent the monsters from exiting the dungeon. The army rushed to the dungeon's location only to be welcome by a terrifying scene--a large horde of monsters marching in their direction!

The monster horde's presence only means one thing; the adventurers guarding the dungeon entrance was annihilated after being overwhelmed by the huge number of powerful monsters coming out of the dungeon.

Knowing that they must stop these monsters from advancing, the army valiantly fought the monsters with everything they've got. But the monsters prove to be too numerous and too strong and the army was slowly pushed back.

Inside a military tent.

"General, we can't hold them back anymore! At this rate, we're going to be annihilated!" an army officer reported.

"General, please issue the order to retreat! If this continues, more will die pointlessly. We must ask for aid from other kingdoms. This is more than our army can handle." a noble officer urges.

"...Very well, we will retreat to Maxwell fort. Relay my orders to the army, we will take our stand at the fort. we cannot let these monsters pass or else..."

The Goeth's army general's voice trailed off but everyone inside the tent understands what he meant. Once the army falls, no one would be able to stand against the monsters and Goeth and its citizens will surely fall.

"Go now, relay my orders! You I need a pen and parchment, we must ask for aid..."

The officers left the room while the general wrote a letter for his majesty, Goeth's king.

To be continued...


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