The Legend of Kai:Aftermath (Hero Emilia's POV)

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Aftermath (Hero Emilia's POV)

Hero Emilia's POV



I'm still too weak...

The demon king laughed with madness.

Kai attacked, giving his all.

Compared to those two, I'm still weak.


I can not let it end like this...

But he is just too strong.

Are we going to die?


waking up, I found myself inside a simple looking room.

It's my room...

That dream again.

That's right, the war is over and we've won... temporarily at least.

After returning to the Holy City, the church announces that I defeated the demon king--forcing it to retreat.

I remembered being paraded around. The relieved smiles of the citizens. The fake smiles of the nobles and clergies.

I feel nauseous...

I wanted to shout that it wasn't me. That the demon king was defeated only because of a certain young man.

But I can not.

I'm the chosen hero--I can not betray the citizens' expectations.

Knock, knock, knock!

I hear knocking. Opening the door, I saw a young looking nun.

"What is it?" I asked the young nun.

The young nun looked at me with reverence in her eyes and told me that the His Excellency the Pope is summoning me.

Thanking the young nun, I closed the door, took a shower and changed to more fitting clothes for the occasion.

Entering the cathedral, I was greeted by clergies, nuns, and knights. One of them leads me to the grand room where the Pope is waiting.

"How are you feeling, Emilia?" The Pope greeted.

"I am well, Your Excellency," I answered.

After the short formality, the Pope invited me to sit down so we could converse easily.

The Pope is an aging man with a head full of white. Though he is dressed grandly as dictated by his position. The Pope is actually a grandfatherly old man who lived a simple lifestyle.

As a devout believer of the faith, the Pope adhere to the teachings of the church than most clergy and believer. Refusing any form of luxury, the Pope lead by example--living only with the most basic necessities to survive. Even his own bedroom is very simple, devoid of unneeded decorations and tools.

Among the believers of the faith, the Pope is the person I respected the most. It's too bad that he is aged and will soon have to retire from his post. I really wished that he could lead the church for a decade or more. But no one can go against time.

"Are you having those dreams again?" the Pope asked worriedly after noticing my complexion.

The dreams that the Pope is referring to is about the dreams where the demon king returning--and we, the forces of light losing.

Knowing that it's pointless to lie in front of the Pope, I nodded.

"I see. Do you think it's a prophecy?" He asked

"I'm not sure," I answered but the dreams are most like a prophecy. A prophecy that is warning us of what will happen in the near future.

Sometimes, believers of the church can receive a prophecy from the gods through dreams. As a hero and a believer, I can also receive prophecies from the gods. Actually, that is how I was discovered. It was the Pope who discovered me through a prophecy.

I still remember it. The happiness and guilt in the kind Pope's eyes. Happiness because the world has a hero again. Guilt, because he knew that I can no longer go back as a simple farm girl--and find happiness as a simple girl.

I understand that. He explained it to me while prostrating. Yes, the Pope prostrated in front of me--apologizing.

"What are your plans?"

Since we received a warning through the dreams, the Pope asked me what I planned on doing.

"In the last battle, I was helpless in front of the demon king. If not for that young man(Kai), my team and I would have died. I'm the hero and yet, I ended being a burden. The next time the demon king appeared he will be much stronger. I can not let myself be a burden again. I will... I'm going to that place and do the trials!" I declared.

The Pope's eyes widened after hearing my announcement. He looked at my eyes intently. I did not turn away my eyes--showing my determination. Sighing, the Pope asked if I am certain.

"Yes! The power of the << Holy Sword >> is needed," I answered.

"I can tell that it is useless to stop you. But you must take care. The trials are very difficult and you could die even if you are the hero," he warned.

Yes, the trials are going to be very difficult and the chance of completing it is very slim. But I do not plan to change my mind. To defeat the demon king, I must very ready to give up my life!

Having gotten the Pope's permission, I left the church alone. I did not take my team with me as the trials could only be completed by the hero and the hero alone.

To be continued...


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