The Legend of Kai: Fierce Battle With The Demon King (3)

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Fierce Battle With The Demon King (3)

Kai's POV

After fusing with Shiro, my appearance slightly changed. I no longer have red hair--instead, it's silvery-blue and my irises turned golden. Also, my fangs and nails become slightly longer. Oh right. My clothes changed too. I have this funky looking new outfit. Black all over, my new outfit has wild appeal to it. In other words, it looked really cool. Honestly, there's really not much change in my outer appearance.

But. The inside is different.

In can feel a power I have never felt before. What's more, my body feels incredibly light. It seemed that my speed rise to another level.

I now have the power of an SS-class.

The << Fusion >> skill sure is overpowered. It's almost as broken as the ultimate hero skill, << Heroic Sacrifice >> which in my opinion is a totally broken skill despite its limitations.

Of course, I'm still a class lower compared to the demon king. But still, I should be able to keep myself alive.

Well then.

Time to give the demon king a beating or I would like to say but I know too well that I am not the demon king's match. If it were another monster, I could probably defeat it even if a class lower. But this is the demon king we are talking about. He is a cheat with plenty of overpowered and broken skills. It'll be very hard just to avoid damage--so forget defeating him.

The demon king looked at my new form seemingly impressed.

"I can feel that you're power has grown significantly with that fusion. Not bad," he said

"Thanks for the praise," I answered

"However... it won't be enough to kill me," he added

"I'm well aware of that. But that's not the point of my transformation. Get ready, I'm going to attack!"

With that warning, I dash towards the demon king with unmatched speed. The demon king looked really surprised at my unexpected speed and was not able to react on time.

My halberd, clad in black lightning hit the demon king dead center--propelling him back with incredible force.


The demon king hits the ground with a bang. Suddenly, there was silence. After sending the demon king flying, the entire battlefield turned quiet. Everyone looked at the scene with dumbfounded expressions.

But then...


A deafening cheer was heard coming from the allied soldiers. But I completely ignored the cheering. I know that the demon king cannot be defeated with just that.



From the dust-covered crater came the demon king's laughter.

Again, there is silence. But this time there are no cheers, not from the soldiers nor from the monsters.

The demon king slowly came out floating from the crater. There's a huge wound on the center of the demon king's chest. Everyone could even see the purple blood flowing out from the wound. Yet the demon king acted like the wound is not his.

Sighing, I ready myself. But I know that I won't be able to catch the demon king unprepared again.

Sensing my intent, the demon king raised his right hand and finally summoned his weapon. Yes, the demon king had been fighting without using a weapon the whole time. it seemed that he found me a worthy opponent and decided to take me seriously.

The demon king's weapon is a huge sword. The sword is jet black with strange patterns all over. How should I say it, it has a strong "chuunibyo" feel to it. I wonder who the designer is.

Unaware of my inner thoughts, the demon king slashed down. The slash created a powerful shockwave and darkish blade energy came rushing at me. Though I could easily dodge the attack I decided to take the attack head-on since if I dodge, the attack would most likely kill the soldiers not far away from me.

How troublesome.

Channeling the << Orb of the Void >>, I absorbed the blade energy with my halberd and the energy disappeared just like that.

Seeing that energy attacks did not work on me, the demon king runs at me with incredible speed, Thanks to my reflexes I was able to dodge his attacks with minimal effort. But I the demon king's every attack are dangerous as it creates shockwaves that can cause damage if I'm careless.

Of course, I did not just dodge, I also counter-attacked and tries to cause as much damage as I could.

The battle turned to a stalemate.

I thought it would remain as such for a bit longer but then something happened...

To be continued...


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