The Legend of Kai: Temple of Trials (1/?)

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The Temple of Trials (1/?)

"How interesting..."

Kai looked at the insides of the ruin with surprise. Despite the passing of time the interior structures of the building were pretty much intact.

Looking more closely, he saw that with the exceptions of the dust and cobwebs that covers parts of the walls, everything looked pristine and functioning. There are even some strange tools that gave light similar to light bulbs.

"How is this possible? These tools do not exist in the cities and towns I've visited. Could it be that the civilization that this ruin belonged to was more advanced than the current one?"

The more Kai thought of the possibilities, the more excited he becomes. Fortunately, Kai was able to calm himself and prevent losing himself in the excitement.

"Truly fascinating."

Suddenly, Kai notices some strange writings on the wall.

"Systems, what language is this?"

Seeing that he cannot read what's written on the wall, Kai asked the all-knowing System.

[Please wait a moment... Scanning complete.]

[The text is written in the Karnic language, the primary language of the Karna civilization that existed twenty-three thousand years ago. ]


The System's explanation made Kai whistle. It was actually a language that existed twenty-three millennia ago. No wonder he could not read it despite the fact that he could understand, speak and write all known language in the current time.

"It seemed that the ancient languages are not included in the "package" that the god of resurrection gave me."

Letting out a lame joke, Kai suddenly went into deep thought. He wanted to know what is written on the wall, therefore, after a bit of contemplation decided to learn a skill called ancient language mastery. As the name of the name implies, it's a skill that allows him to understand, speak, and write the ancient languages. Fortunately, the skill is not that expensive, only costing 5000 SP till full mastery. Though whether he can read the ancient karnic is still unknown since the System refuses to tell him for some reason.

"I never thought that the System could also be a troll, seriously!"

A wry smile plastered on his face, Kai bit the bullet and bought the said skill then maxed it out.

"Oh? So it's included! Seriously, System, you could have told me and save me the anxiety!" Kai chastised the System after finding out that he could learn the ancient text without trouble.

[Isn't surprises part of the fun? It's like unboxing gifts on Christmas.]


"Uh, what?!?! Wait, what's with the sudden change in personality?!?! What happened to the cold, and robotic System?"

Hearing the unfamiliar way of answering, Kai made a double take and asked the System in a weird voice.

[No need to be too surprised, host. I am created with the ability to grow. Meaning, I too will develop the same way as the host.] the System explained.

"Really? That's amazing! Does that mean you're developing a personality?" Kai quickly asked.


After asking several more questions, Kai returned to the ancient text written on the wall.

"So this place is a temple! No wonder it looked so similar to a Mayan temple. Also... mechanical puppets? This place is protected by mechanical puppets?"

Sighing, Kai felt fortunate that he did not rush and took his time to investigate.

"How lucky! It seemed that I dodged a bullet."

Reading some more, Kai noticed something that startled him.

"Wait. Does that mean I could become the master of this temple if I pass the test?"

After finishing the whole text, Kai turns his eyes to a certain platform. According to the ancient text, if he did not register using the said platform, he would be attacked by mechanical puppets the moment he enters the next room.

"I really did dodge the bullet this time... If I just rushed in, I'm probably gonna have to fight or run for my life "

Sweating profusedly, Kai was glad that his patience paid off.

"Alright! Time to take this so-called trial and become the new master of this place!"

Previously, Kai was thinking of reporting the ruin and received the reward for discovering the place. But after finding out that he could become the master of this place, he changed his mind. He decided to make the place Fenrir's hidden base. With how deep the lake is, he is certain that it would be very difficult for anyone to discover the place. And if anything unexpected happened he could just teleport his friends and the people he liked to this place for their safety.

This might sound selfish of him but as a human, it's normal to have a bit of selfishness. Besides, isn't it normal to prioritized himself and those he cared for? Of course, all those plans can only be realized once he passed the trial and become the new master of this temple.

After making sure that there's no trap, Kai took a knife and made a cut on his left hand. The blood dropped to the ground and flowed following the patterns on the platform. Not long after the small canals on the patterns are filled with blood and Kai quickly healed the wound with a pale face. Though the wound is closed the blood he lost did not recover as such he drank a high potion to quickly replenish the blood lost in the process.

Kai waited for a few seconds when he suddenly finds himself covered in white light. Once the light subsided, he found himself in a large room with strange markings on the floor, ceilings, and walls.

"Welcome challenger to the room of trials. I am Ozma, the overseer of the Temple of Trials."

A booming voice suddenly appeared out of nowhere, startling Kai in the process. he then saw blue lights accumulating in front of him. Startled, he jumped back and warily waited. Before long the transformed into a disemboweled humanoid head with strange markings etched on the head's face!

To be continued...


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