The Legend of Kai: Serpent Hunting (4)

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Serpent Hunting (4)


A blinding light erupted from the mansion, forcing me to shield my eyes. After the blinding light disappeared, what left surprises.

Stone! The entire mansion and its surrounding turned to stone!

[Suicide, huh?]

Exactly like the system said, Felix choices suicide over being captured. He probably uses what left of his power to turn himself and the entire mansion to stone.

His action is foolish but admirable. He probably guessed that I would try to extract information from him. Even if he has confident to withstand torture, there's still a possibility that he would give in at the end and leak information. To prevent this from happening he decided to suicide.

Seeing this, I'm certain that even Elric (another of Hydra's heads that was defeated previously) would chosen the same path. That is chosing death over imprisonment.

"What a terrifying bunch. To think they would rather die than be captured..."

Astonishment could not help but grow on my heart at how loyal this people are. But after considering that they used brainwashing to control their new members, the astonishment I felt lessened.

"Still... it seemed that we lost our only clue to find the other members. I might need to change my approach on this matter."

It's highly likely that all the heads of Hydra would choose death over being captured once defeated. So even if I could find their next base, I would still lose my next clues after they suicide.

I could still find them if I really try hard enough but it would take too much time. Time that I do not have. Let's not forget that the demon king is still the out there, and he's the most dangerous of all. The faster I find him the higher the chance of winning. But if we take too long, he might recover and become stronger.

[What's your next plan?]

The System suddenly asked me for my next move after several minutes of silence.


I could not just stay here doing nothing. I should prepare for my next move and not let this failure affect me. Taking a deep breath, I gave my answer to the System's question and used teleportation to return to the Den.

Several minutes after I left, a figure appeared near the mansion. The said figure is not human and literally looks like a monster.

It has four horns, a wing and dragon like tail. This figure is none other than the dragon-like monster that fought Rudra and the Dragonoids--one of the demon king's general and an S-class monster!

"So I was too late. This bastards are lucky that they died. If they are caught by me, there life would have been worse than death!"

The dragon-like monster murmured to himself while letting out some disturbing words. Words that the demon king was causing monster tides had most likely reached the real demon king's ears and ordered one of his generals to investigate and apprehend his impostors. Or maybe the generals moved by themselves after finding out that someone is impersonating the demon king. Whichever the case there is now movement from the demon king and his army.

"There's nothing more to do here now that the fools are dead. Still, that person who just left. Who is he? He could teleport so he is obviously beyond ordinary. I should head back and report this information to the others..."

The dragon-like monster flapped his wings and quickly soar to the sky. He then headed to a certain direction at an incredible speed!

It's a shame that Kai missed this encounter. If he knew that he missed meeting the dragon-like monster and the clue to the demon king's whereabouts, what would his expression be?

Fortunately, Kai is ignorant of this matter so he has no reason to regret anything. But depending on how the demon king moves in the future, they would surely meet again...

To be continued...


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