The Legend of Kai: The Gears of Fate

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The Gears of Fate

Kai used the Gate connected to a secret basement in his house to return to Ark. The moment he exited the basement he saw Lily, Kara, and Mia preparing to eat dinner.

"I'm back!" Kai hollered.


"Welcome back!"


The three girls welcomed Kai and the four of them sat for dinner. While eating, Kai explained everything that happened including the discovery of the Temple of Trials. Hearing what he encountered surprised the girls greatly and they look at him in disbelief.

"You mean, you've become the new master of an ancient temple that possesses technology and might to rival a kingdom?" Lily asked still in disbelief.

"Yeah... it might sound hard to believe but that's what happened," Kai explained while scratching his left cheek.

"Didn't you just went out to map Ark's territory and investigate the earth dragon's mysterious flight? How did you end up being a master of a powerful force?" Kara wryly asked.

"Should we say, as expected of Kai?" Mia chipped in.


"Mia, don't make it look like I'm a magnet for strange events."

Kai complained to Mia after faking a cough only to receive weird looks from the girls.


"Hey, don't look at me like that! It's not like I wished to be in the middle of those events..."

Seeing the weird looks, Kai sighed and gave up. He knew that he is being dragged into strange events for some reason.

"Why do I feel like I'm always triggering some sort of flag?" Kai complained inside his mind.

[Isn't it because of your curiosity? You could just ignore those strange occurrences, nothing like this would happen, you know?]


Hearing the System's chiding, Kai let out a weird noise.

"Hm? What's wrong, Kai? Are you not feeling well?"Lily asked worriedly after seeing Kai's pained look.

"N, no, I'm okay! It's nothing."

Kai quickly explained after seeing the girl's worried looks. He then changed the subject and told them of the benefits he earned after becoming the new temple master.

After dinner, he and the girls teleported to the temple where they are quickly welcomed by Ozma.

Seeing a large disembodied head welcoming them, the girls are still surprised despite Kai already explaining everything to them.

"I'm surprised that you can already speak the common language, Ozma." Kai praised after hearing Ozma welcomed them using the continent's common language.

"This is nothing, master. I, Ozma was created to adapt to the changing time. As long as the main core's (Ozma's brain) is functioning, I can easily learn new knowledge." Ozma explained proudly.

"Truly impressive. To be able to create someone like you, the Karnians are really powerful." Kai honestly praised.

"Indeed. Unfortunately, they did not pass the test of time..." Ozma answered with regret.

Kai and Ozma's conversation amazed the girls. Despite being a holographic head, Ozma can show emotions like a real person. This shows how advanced the lost Karnic civilization is. This also made the girls wonder what could have caused such a powerful civilization to collapse.

"Ozma, these girls are my closest friends and the current members of my adventurer team, Fenrir. I planned to make this place my team's secret base of operation. I want you to give them authorization to freely enter and exit this place even without me." Kai ordered.

"Understood, master. They shall be registered as your companions and be authorized to use most of the facilities with the exemptions of the ones that required the master's authorization to enter. Is that acceptable?" replied Ozma.

"Yes, that's good." Kai nods in approval.

Ozma then guides the girls and explained most of the facilities they could freely use. The girls' wonders in amazement at how big the temple, and how advance the facilities are. Despite the passing of time, the facilities are still in mint conditions. Lastly, Ozma showed them the mechanical puppets that served as the temple's main force.

"So this is the mechanical puppets that Kai mentioned. Ozma is it true that the weakest of them is B-rank?" Lilt hurriedly asked.

"Yes Ms. Lily, according to this world ranking, the weakest of the puppets are B-rank." Ozma respectfully explained.

"A, amazing. With such a powerful force, Kai could wage war to any kingdom whenever he wanted." Mia sighed at the power of the temple.

"Hahaha! This also makes Fenrir the most powerful adventurer team on the continent. Nay, the entire world!" Kara laughed excitedly.

cold sweats

"I won't be using them to conquer the world or anything you know? At most I will establish my own country when the right time comes. Anyways, there is still plenty of unexplored and free territories that I can claim when that time comes." Kai interrupts after noticing where the conversation is heading.

"Indeed. Not using such a powerful force to conquer and claim your own territories would be such a waste. But as you say, it's still too early for that. After all, you don't have enough fame, nor authority. Establishing your own kingdom or country is no easy task." Lily agreed.

"Right. Conquering a weaker kingdom with the temple's force is easy enough but I don't want to establish my authority using the blood of the innocent. Anyways, my ambition is not that big, to begin with." Kai shrugged his shoulders after saying so.

Everyone laughs after hearing Kai's reaction. They understand how Kai feels, being the new master of a powerful temple is out of Kai's expectations and judging by his kind disposition, he would never use it to hurt the innocent.

Putting the subject aside, Kai, the girls, and Ozma discussed their plans for the temple and how to fully used it. But unbeknownst to everyone present the gears of fate will soon start to move, changing the lives of the people on the continent.

To be continued...


Previous Chapters





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