The Legend of Kai: A Pleasant Discovery

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A Pleasant Discovery

Several weeks had passed since I defeated Felix, one of Hydra's eight heads (currently six). After Felix's suicide I lost all clues on the remaining head's locations.

What am I doing right now?

Well, I'm currently on my office reading reports from my spies.

Yes, I have an office. Several actually. And I'm bored to death.

Why? Because my friend won't allow me to do anything!

They said that I have been overworking and that I needed to relax from time to time.

That's the reason why I'm cooped-up inside the Den waiting for reports or anything interesting to happen. Since I am not allowed to work, I wanted to help everyone train but they refused that as well since it is also considered working.

Hence, here I am, bored to death, doing absolutely nothing...

Oh well, I guess I should cook something for them?

Come to think of it, I haven't cook anything for a while now. I guess i have been too busy with work to do any cooking.

I could still get some pizza and other foods belonging to my former world from Sia's Family Inn so I don't really miss my former world that much. Still, it might be a good idea to try making new dishes from Earth.

Speaking of cooking, I should max out my cooking skill since I have tons of SP just lying around. I mean, it's not like they are expensive or anything.

"Okay, where are they... oh here they are!"

I fiddle a bit at the System store and look at all the skills pertaining to cooking, brewing and the likes. Since the SP required to buy and max out the skills are negligible I simple choose all of them

But then something unexpected happened...

"Eh? What is this? What are these effect? Don't tell me..."

I looked at the descriptions of the food I could make from the list. To my surprise, after maxing my cooking skills, the food I could make now has additional effect!

Yes, effect like in those games. For example, eating Mapo Tofu would raise my STR by 20% (strength) for half an hour!

Such an overpowered item!

[You should never underestimate anything that came form the System Store! Even the most ordinary of skill or spell could have amazing effect if it is maxed!]

The sudden explantion from the System surprises me. But it did clear up my confusion. Honestly, I have been neglecting the life skills like cooking and the likes. I mainly focuses on Skills or spells that could be used for battle, though I also purchased some skills not used in battles they are on the minority.

To think that life skills have hidden effects that could be accessed once maxed out. I have been negligent. These effects could change the flow of battle to my advantage if used properly!

But it's not too late yet. I should experiment and see what else the unused life skills would give me...

I started experimenting with the life skills purchasable from the System store. And just like the System said I had been underestimating there usefulness!

"Amazing. I never knew what I have been missing all these times. Well, no use crying over spilled milk. Now that I have these skills, I could help Fenrir become stronger."

Happy from the unexpected discovery, I decided to celebrate and cook some new dishes from Earth. Since my friends would be returning soon I needed to hurry.

And so my day of rest turn into an unexpected celebration. Though it could be considered working, I'm certain that they won't mind it too much.

To be continued...


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